Why to Select A Halo Engagement Ring?

Every girl desires to possess an unforgettable memory of the day when an engagement ring has been slipped onto her finger. The manner of proposing undoubtedly makes it memorable however what acts as a long reminder is the ring. Most of the girls, these days, are opting for vintage and antique designs when it comes to their engagement rings. One such vogue that has stirred a storm within the love land is of the Halo Rings.

The term itself explains about the design. But it isn’t just the unique name; it is also the historic origin of these rings which attracts people these days. Halo rings were a very popular style of medieval period. They were greatly appreciated during the Victorian era for their high allure and large looks.


Popular throughout the decadent Victorian Era, these rings are back in fad, owing their comeback to illustrious faces like Natalie Portman, Gwenyth Paltrow, Kelly Clarkson, Katherine Heigl and many more. One among the most famed sapphire halo rings that has been mentioned reverentially is the one that was originally worn by Princess Diana but currently sits on the hand of Duchess Kate Middleton.

Oval-Tanzanite-and-Diamond-Vintage-RingHalo engagement rings have a big stone set within the center with smaller stones surrounding it, rendering it with the appearance that the central stone has a ‘halo’. The most common setting observed in these rings is pave setting, where small stones are mounted in adjacent rows, like pavements. The center stone is often a round piece mounted in prong setting that elevates the gem giving it an additional pronounced attention. But others shapes like oval, pear, square and even trillion could also be seen in halo styles.

Halo rings are far-famed for their style that accentuates the fire of a gem. The accent stones encasing the central gem, if set perfectly, impart a spectacularly vivacious look to the ring, making the middle stone look alive with sparkles.

Intricate and delicate designing on the band will give the ring a vintage styled unceasing beauty. Micro pave, double halo, split band – all these further features enhance the elegance of the ring as a whole.

Round-Emerald-and-Diamond-Cocktail-RingHalo engagement rings, in conjunction with being splendid design-vise, are smartly pocket-friendly as well. Any kind and shape of a gem looks spectacular on this ring, one doesn’t have to essentially get a colorless round diamond. The setting of this ring provides the illusion that a stone is larger than it really is, supplying you with the berth to shop for a smaller stone. The smaller gems set on the perimeter of the middle stone conjointly offer the freedom to downgrade on the clarity of the large rock.

Halo rings are a gloriously eye-catching visual treat that look heavenly as an engagement ring. There are a good range of styles which can be incorporated in these rings, providing you with plenty of selection choices for a ring that would suit your personality. Enjoy eternal eternal elegance and ultimate femininity with halo styled engagement ring.

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