Why Tahitian Cultured Pearls Are An Exotic Choice

Sometimes you want to channel a pretty floral vibe, and then there are days when you want to look sensual; maybe even mysterious. While your choice of clothes will definitely transform you, a gorgeous piece of jewelry will work like frosting on the cake.

Today, we’re going to place the spotlight on one such beauty that oozes timeless sophistication with a generous dose of drama.


What makes Tahitian Cultured Pearls so Desirable?

  • The name may obviously lead you to think that this gem is cultivated in Tahiti – the largest island in French Polynesia. In reality, however, it is said that the Tuamotu and Gambier Islands are the two French Polynesian archipelagos responsible for most of the Tahitian pearl production.

    But the actual magic happens inside the Pinctada margaritifera – a black-lipped oyster, which is usually 6 to 12 inches in diameter. It is famed for producing large pearls but is particularly sensitive to the process of pearl culturing. This is what makes the production of Tahitian cultured pearls an expensive affair, thereby leading to an increase in its overall value.


  • Another important feature that makes them truly desirable is their bold color. But if you look closely, you’ll realize, Tahitian pearls aren’t actually completely black. This gem can display an interesting range of overtones varying from gray and bronze to dark green. Typically, an heirloom quality Tahitian cultured pearl has a blemish-free, lustrous surface with a dark green body and peacock (think oil slick) overtones.

    What’s more, the color of all Tahitian cultured pearls is completely natural and does not require any additional treatments.


3 Ways You Can Go Exotic with Tahitian Pearls

Besides a bold ring, like the one shown above, there are three other fabulous ways to go exotic with Tahitian cultured pearls.

  • ‘Drop’- Dead Gorgeous

    Drop earrings are all about exuding a charming, yet super playful vibe. Add to that a couple of magical Tahitian pearls and you’re all set to look uber-stylish – on the dance floor, romantic dinner date or wherever you want!


  • Steal the Spotlight with Baroque Pearls

    Baroque Tahitian pearls are irregular and non-spherical in shape, and this is exactly what makes them so pleasing to the eye. Also, this feature allows them to reflect light from different angles; so you can expect the beautiful overtones to really pop. A handful of baroque Tahitian pearls neatly strung together will be a priceless possession!


  • Add Some Diamonds

    When a black beauty meets impeccable white brilliance, you can expect the result to be nothing short of a firecracker. And a pendant featuring a Tahitian cultured pearl and sparkling diamonds is the perfect way to flaunt this heady combination!


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