Why are Cluster Diamonds Fascinating?

When you choose to go untraditional with diamonds, you are introduced to a world of cluster diamonds and oodles of endless sparkle. While the customary solitaire sparkler is here to stay and rule the hearts of many, the experimental woman can go a step ahead and don several diamonds on her hand, around her neck, and on her ears will equal élan. In a cluster design, diamonds of similar sizes are closely set, often forming the shape of a flower and other interesting patterns like hearts, stars, circles, squares, marquises and so on.


Not to be confused with a halo setting, cluster diamonds are set in various ways to give the illusion of a large diamond. Prong and pave settings are most commonly used to bring the stones closer on a ring, pendant or a pair of earrings. Apart from these, there are composite, quad and miracle settings for a more distinctive look. While the composite setting leaves almost no room for the metal to be visible, the miracle setting has lustrous metal plates that are strategically designed to enhance the brilliance of the diamonds. The quad setting of four princess-cut diamonds in a cluster gives a more geometric and sophisticated appeal to the jewelry piece. Sometimes, two or more settings are combined on exquisite pieces, and they don’t fail to steal the show.

Cluster diamonds in the center appear like one big solitaire and captivate with their sheer play of light. However, they can also be used as side stones to flank a center diamond or a color gemstone.  Additionally, these diamonds can also form the bale of a pendant or the tops of earrings for a hint of extravagance. The floating clusters are yet another way to wear your diamonds in style.

For engagement rings and bridal sets, cluster diamonds are a rather modish choice and easy on the pocket as well. They have brilliance in abundance and look perfect in both classic and contemporary styles. Men’s wedding bands too can be embellished with cluster diamonds to match the bridal sets. At Angara, you will find a variety of dream-worthy cluster diamond jewelry pieces to delight every woman. They come with milgrain detailing, scrollwork, elegant bypasses, infinities and a myriad of other interesting design elements.

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