Valentine’s Day Gifts and Gift Cards


Whether it is these economical heart pendants you want to gift her for valentines, or our range of premium jewelry*; if you are short on cash, Angara is the right place for you. The gift cards available at Angara make it possible for you to pay for a jewelry piece in easy, timed, interest -free installments.

Alternately, you could gift her gift card itself, and she can choose her gift, enjoying the online shopping with you.


For instance, this gift card carries the value of $150. You would have to pay three installments of only $50 each. Click for gift cards of other denominations.

PREMIUM JEWELRY: As the name indicates, premium jewelry (sapphires, rubies, emeralds and tanzanite) are the best of these gemstones available. These are true heirlooms and boast of the best quality in each gemstone.


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