Valentine’s Day All The Day Long

Try making the day special by going out of your way with some or all of these ideas.

Wake your valentine with a love note. Write a note the previous night and wake them up after you have kept it where they can see it the first thing.

Put your writing cap on and compose a poem or a letter. Find inspiration from the net. Alternately, have a famous poem printed on a stylish paper and present it to them.

Personalized gift items are another favorite on Valentine’s. Use personalized jewelry or photo frames to create warmth.

There are special gift vouchers available these days, for online shopping.

At Angara, we have special gift certificates. Even if you can’t buy her that fine jewelry for some time, this can go for part-payment of the same. The gift cards are adorable in that they really give you all the freedom to pick exactly what you want and enjoy the shopping more than ever.


Surprise travel is another idea that some people love on valentines. Book a holiday in and surprise them with the tickets on V-day.

If travel is not possible, book a spa session and have fun at the spa.

Try new ideas and have the whole day full of new ways to show your love.

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