Unique Engagement Ring Ideas

As you are awash with tips and ideas on the right, the perfect engagement ring, did it strike you that you could make her feel different and special by giving her what few others have? If it is not too much out of her league, browse through gemstone engagement rings and diamond engagement rings. Some gemstones are more expensive and rarer than diamonds. Just compare the premium emerald rings at Angara with some of the diamond rings in the market, and you will see what I am talking about. Similarly, you could browse through premium ruby rings, premium sapphire rings and be amazed at the kind of prices some of them can command. Of course, if budget constraints are there and still you want a gemstone engagement ring, there are other options available in the same.

The other suggestion has to do with the kind of ring you pick up. While gemstone engagement rings are more popular as birthstone engagement rings; the trend these days is to combine gemstones with diamonds, so that the rare piece of universe is romanced with a more colorful piece of the same. When picking up an exclusive engagement ring, try to design that special ring through the build your own section at Angara. This is one range that is truly incomparable in terms of variety of mounts and gemstones offered.

Another unique engagement ring idea is to give her an akoya cultured pearl with diamond ring. Akoya pearls are quite unique and command high prices, something that not everyone can afford. Plus, pearls have that timeless appeal spoken of in Greek mythology as well as Greek History.

If cost has been a deterrent for you all this while, do explore lab created gemstones. This is a good option for cheap engagement rings, without causing undue embarrassment due to costs involved. Further, Angara’s options of ‘good, better and best’ provide something for every customer, as you can pick a unique engagement ring from any of the categories, as per your budget. The variations in features of gemstones accord for the cost difference.


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