Top Five Jewelry Trends for Year 2013

Red carpets, runways and real life are driving forces for jewelry trends. You’ve already seen the best of red carpets and must have noticed the essential styles for 2013. Along with that, it’s the fashion shows and market trends that helped us in concluding the top 5 jewelry trends for 2013. Check out the trends to get prepared for the spring like a Fashionista.



As per PANTONE, it’s the color of the year. Emerald is a big hit amongst designers and fashion lovers for quite a long time. And even the stone has a loud cheer on the red carpet. Also the international mining firm Gemfields is aiming to make it a must-have gemstone for Americans. They are working to provide conflict-free emeralds. And as the news has it, it will be a huge campaign as De Beers had done for diamonds. Emerald Jewelry including the engagement rings will rule the jewelry market for another year. Not to forget the color-blocking emerald accessories, they are another hot favorite with shades of green.

Black and White


The retro monochrome style has been a major attraction of the recent award season. With the contemporary Art Deco effects around the fashion house, black and white will continue to rock for quite a while. Diamonds and black stones like onyx are receiving popularity amongst masses. Oscars this year highlighted a major trend of black jewelry.



2013 is the year of the snake, according to the Chinese calendar and you don’t need to be a Slytherin to adorn snake jewelry this year. Bulgari has already launched its serpentine collection in the market and there are various other notable jewelry houses and independent stores serving the consumers’ choice of serpent jewelry. Celebrities have already picked snakes as the companion for the red carpet. So before you get late, make the reptilian jewels your ‘year’s accessory’.



Chinese motifs were on the spring runways and they beautifully mingled with jewelry. Engraved jades, bamboo motifs, lattice motifs, animal motifs, various Asian symbols and more are making their presence in the form of stunning contemporary jewels. And along with these asymmetrical geometric patterns tassels will also continue to wave in the immediate future.

Bangles and Bracelets


A handful of wrist-wears is the current style accessory. If you want to make an essential jewelry investment this year, go for a multi one: bangles, bracelets and cuff, all mixed up and stacked. Geometric, ethnic, bohemian and Asian, all are great for a remarkable look. Mix metal, diamond and gemstone studded, textured wrist jewels are on high node amongst A-list divas. These statement arm-pieces are bold enough to glamorize the neutral craze.


  • Hey Angara, Really your blog images so nice. As you talking about 2013 jewelry trends, you told five type jewelry. Is vintage or antique jewelry not in trends?

    • Reply February 26, 2015

      Ankit Daga

      Hey Natural Gemstone Beads,

      Great question. Vintage or antique jewelry are forever trends and forever classics. For that reason, we have any entire section dedicated to “vintage” rings, earrings and pendant necklaces. There is nothing better than natural jewelry, whether we talk about true beauty, love and/or value. You can never have too much jewelry. That’s the beauty of jewelry, it comes in all types and forms. Jewelry is made for everyone’s taste.

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