Stud Earrings: A Trend Forever!

Stud earrings are staple jewelry. Subtle, cute, delicate, they could also be bold and vibrant. These little lovelies are fun to wear and easy to maintain.

They are not just a ‘must have’ for women but are also an important accessory for men.


Stud earrings have a special place in the hearts and vaults of royals and celebs. A hit on the red carpet, button-style and stud earrings—are a must-have in any wardrobe.


The stud earrings look amazing with a fancy or casual look.


In addition to their solitaire forms, designer variants have also budded. Gemstone studs in various settings and designs are the latest trend everywhere.


Stud earrings are the most classic jewelry item!

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  • […] bother about the color of the clothes, as they would look equally pretty with all colors. The fancy diamond studs, i.e. colored diamond studs have a niche of their own. They add a touch of sophistication to the […]

  • […] Moreover, studs can be petite or big in size. You can prettify with a delicate and dainty pair of earrings at your office place, which can be a simple metal knot, a pair of solitaire studs, or a sterling white set of pearls. They can also be carved in any cute shape you desire such as a lovely flower, a decent pear shape, uniform square shape, etc. Actress Kristen Bell wore a beautiful pair of black diamond rose earrings in one of the events. Also, starlet Natalie Zea donned Chanel diamond studs with a twisted hair bun for the premier of one of the theatrical shows held at Los Angeles, California. In many other fiestas, celebrities, namely Anna Hathway and Emma Stone have seen giving a flashy effect through star stud earrings. […]

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