Spring Wedding Trends

Tired of staring at your wardrobe every day? Now is the right time to renew our fashion mindset and perspectives. Spring is impending, and anticipated to be bigger than ever before. Additionally, we are welcoming wedding season. If you are the one getting married, take a mini break from hectic shopping days and sleepless nights, and get to know what is trending this season. With a touch of vintage classic and contemporary, you can add elegance to your big day.


Here are few classy wedding trends to help plan your wedding, and make sure your special moment lasts a lifetime in your mind, heart and soul:

Embellished Dresses


Metallic colors, studded gemstone jewelry and sequins craftsmanship appear breathtaking on evening dresses and/or ball gowns. Lately, such embellishments are being admired by several modern brides, adding glamorous touches to your already extravagant bridal look. Many celebrity brides have been seen accessorizing their dresses with floral belts as well.

Mixture of Colors


Wedding flowers are as important as selecting a right venue. This year’s trend calls for a wide assortment of colorful flowers. Spring is a blissful and blossoming season, it becomes increasingly important to emerge with a wide variety of flowers. Mix and match red, white, yellow and pink roses with lilac orchids, and even white lilies and carnations can brighten your favorites. You just may be surprised as to how beautiful and impressive your flower bunches and bouquets turn out.

Floral Walls


Luxurious floral walls are newest trend in 2015 weddings. Decorate your venues with real flowers of contrasting colors, creating bloom fields and fragrant auras.



Delve into Mother Nature’s beauty with your soul mate, and add significantly more greenery to your most important day. Choose herbs and plants to grace dinner and/or lunch tables, chairs and furnishings, while presenting your guests with some eco-friendly green gifts. Truly, a beautiful surprise unexpected and remembered.

Adorn Tiaras


A tradition that has gained much popularity again in recent years are royal tiaras, and is a must have to a bride’s accessory list. Further, these tiaras have brought a modern touch, including natural colorful gemstones and beads. Just another way to make your special day even more beautiful.

Fashionable Rose Gold

Though natural diamonds, colored gemstones and pearls are the must-haves in bridal jewelry, women have shown immense interest and thought to complement their jewelry with rose gold.. In fact, rose gold metal type is becoming exponentially popular in men’s wedding bands as well.


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Tell us some more ideas, traditions and trends to bring an already classy wedding to even more life. We’d be honored to hear from you.


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