Solitaire Round Emerald Martini Studs

 The soothing green emerald which is one of the best gemstones known to man is now available in a pair of suit-all stud earrings.

Solitaire Round Emerald Martini Studs Earrings

Angara displays these round emerald martini stud earrings in three categories, known as ‘good’, ‘better’ and ‘best’.

For first timers, this means the same pair of emerald studs is available in three price ranges to suit the needs of every customer.

Gemstone quality at Angara is completely transparent, for long term customer relations are of utmost importance. Emeralds are seldom found without inclusions, so moderately included and mildly included are terms not infrequently used for good emeralds.

These are prong set quality round emeralds set in white gold, ideal for all time wear or for that lil dash of color with the outfit. This simple design makes them classics and perfect for all face cuts and hairdos.

Take heart if still the emerald stud earrings seem too expensive. Easypay option on gift cards at Angara is the answer for you. Select a gift card and pay for it in three timed interest free installments.


Pssst.. You could opt to pay for a $150 gift card in three installments of $50 each!

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