Rose Gold Remarkable Comeback

“Where you stumble and fall, there you will find Gold.” Gold-filled charms are too dignified and divine, enticing even in their smallest jewelry form. Lately, while browsing unique and fashionable jewelry, you’ll find rose gold ensembles the most captivating.

This radiant, pinkish tint metal has made a notable rebirth in the modern jewelry world, introduced by top designers and celebrities. Today, rose gold has taken over nuptial ceremonies.

In terms of composition, rose gold is a fine mixture of yellow gold and copper. Although the metal holds an antique history, its blushing tones are a contemporary match with crowning designer gowns. Sometimes referred to as ‘pink gold’ or ‘red gold’, its deep color produces the most soothing and warm emotions, complementing all outfits and skin tones.


Rose gold in engagement and wedding rings are the latest preferences for young girls. Its intense romantic appeal has allured many celebrities, making them stand out in crowds. Whether you admire Blake Lively’s light pink diamond or glamorous Angelina Jolie’s baguette-cut diamond stunner or Whitney Port’s gorgeous oval-cut French-set diamond, you may be surprised to hear, their top picks are studded in ravishing rose gold metal.


One of the most noteworthy aspects about rose gold is that they complement all skin tones. Fair-skinned fingers bring out just the right feminism when stacked with sleek rose gold rings; contrarily, brunette skin cannot go wrong with traditional metallic amulet.

Furthermore, be it a yellow diamond or lush green emerald, rose gold is subtle and makes a gracious presence. Rose gold allows center stones to grab attention of onlookers.


You can see an exceptional collection of rose gold jewelry at Angara, and make a strong statement in your collection. Tell us what you think about rose gold. Is rose gold making a comeback or rose gold more of a fad? Why?

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