Liz Taylors Jewelry — the Crown Jewels of Hollywood

Elizabeth Taylor’s beauty had won many hearts. She was a legendary Hollywood celebrity. She had been in news for more than a few marriages and her astonishing jewelry collection which has been regarded as the most important private jewelry collection in America.


In her words – “I’m fortunate to have some very important pieces of jewelry. I don’t believe I own any of the pieces. I believe that I am their custodian, here to enjoy them, to give them the best treatment in the world, to watch after their safety, and to love them.”

Isn’t it wonderful that Taylor never considered herself as the owner of the jewels, only a temporary custodian? She flaunted these jewels on various occasions with varying levels of gravity sometimes with a lavish evening gown and on others in a bathing suit.


At times it may baffle many people why she was so keen to spend her wealth on these adornments. However, Taylor not only adored the jewels but they held a special place in her heart as mementos of the people she loved, including Mike Todd, Richard Burton, Michael Jackson and Malcolm Forbes.


Close look at each piece shows that they are an example of great craftsmanship, a fascinating illustration that jewelry making is an art.


The variety of Taylor’s pieces is impressive with gemstones including pearls, emeralds, sapphires, rubies and diamonds. There is a remarkable range of designs with some designed in parts by Taylor herself.


The most fascinating thing about her collection is that she wanted to share the beauty of these jewels with the world. Here are some of her legendary pieces, share them and delight in their beauty.

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