Jewelry Trends for Fall 2013 (Part I)

You have officially welcomed fall and have great plans to celebrate the retiring season. The search for the best of season’s jewelry trends is probably in the to-do list to enjoy the time in total style. The ever-sparkling jewelry including colored diamonds, geometric pieces and emerald baubles will be on top in the season and would simply elevate your looks. Here is a sneak peak of the most trendy styles, designs and stones that will be leading the fashion this fall/winter.


Gemstone Trends for Fall:

It is difficult to find a statement piece of jewelry without gemstones. From royals to celebrities and ordinary people, everyone loves a bold and brilliant stone in their jewelry. Both, precious and semi-precious stones have their own niche in jewelry industry, and it is simply a matter of choice. But when talking about trends, certain stones are preferred over other. Here they are –


Fall-Season-With-Emerald copy

Named the Color of the Year 2013 by Pantone, Emerald Green is ruling the fashion world. So how can the stone be left behind. We have already seen a lot of emerald everywhere, and the craze will only go higher. All will love emerald jewelry with accent diamond in simple yet exclusive designs. Vintage emerald jewels will be highlighted again while solitaire pieces will also shine brightly. So if you a emerald in your collection, take them out. Nevertheless, if you don’t have, no worries, here is a beautiful emerald and diamond ring to make all green with envy.

Colored Diamonds


Although not new in the market, colored diamonds have never been as popular as they are in year 2013. Earlier celebrities flaunt mesmerizing colored diamond engagement ring, but now the trend is very high among ordinary people. Most of the brides-to-be these days are looking for something less traditional and very different. Therefore, color diamond rings make a statement choice for them. As enhanced color diamonds are available in the market, it becomes quite easy to think for a beautiful, bright and bold ring without breaking the banks. Not just rings, earrings and pendants with fancy diamonds are also enchanting the jewelry lovers. If you want to check more, see our colored diamond collection.



No fall or winter trend is complete without the blue brilliance of sapphires. The birthstone of September is one of the most promising options for fine fashion. From romantic engagement rings to graceful vintage earrings and contemporary pendants, sapphires simply make everything beautiful. And not just blue, the other shades of sapphire including pink, orange and white are equally in demand for fall and winter. This sapphire engagement ring from our Vintage Collection is the best example to show you how a sapphire bling can highlight your style.



Yes, it is true. Opal is another trendy stone for the season. With its alluring variations, this October birthstone is gaining popularity amongst masses. The fiery, the milky and the rainbow looks of opal set in fresh and modern designs are stunning.

Black Onyx


You must have seen bold statement black onyx jewelry at various red carpets this year that must be enough to predict the popularity of the stone. All the international brands and famous celebrities have already shown their interest in black onyx. Moreover, as the trend for black and white is on peak, it becomes a favorable choice for trend loving people. Here are a couple of trendy yet timeless black onyx pieces to give you a better idea of why people are so crazy for the stone.

Now that you have the idea of most desirable gemstones for fall, decide which one you would choose to buy first. Moreover, wait for our next installment of fall trends, which will talk about the metal choice for the season. While we prepare to bring the metal trends, you can share your choice for gemstones with us.


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