Buy Gemstone Jewelry for Her on the Mother’s Day, its important!

Recently there was an article in a very prominent publication that highlighted that it is harder for women to brush off being ignored on Mother’s Day than on Valentine’s Day. So, if you want to appreciate the mother of your kids we suggest that you get her some exquisite piece of gemstone jewelry, this mother’s day. This small token of love will definitely strengthen your marriage.


According to a report of number of sign ups in a infidelity-based matchmaking site for the past four years, the number of married women signing up for its services soars really high on the day after Mother’s Day. This in the words of Noel Biderman the founder of the site is an example that how important is this day for a mother. He said that though Mother’s Day may not have the romantic ring of Valentine’s Day or a wedding anniversary but it is a day when women reflect on how their husbands treat them as mothers. So, if their efforts are left unappreciated they may be hurt.


Inspired by this statement we decided to talk to a few mothers what they think about celebrations and gifts on the mother’s day. Shirley Robinson, a professional mother of three said that being a parent is an unending responsibility and moms have to do a larger percentage of the work. The problem is that children don’t always show their appreciation for parenting skills so if your spouse disregards your contributions to a relationship it can be especially hurtful. Though, Robinson added that she can never forget her last mother’s day because her husband surprised her with a special five stone ring last year. “This ring is really special to me as each gemstone here represents one member of the family,” she said with a tearful smile.


Another mom, this time a housewife responded that she knows Mother’s Day is a day to honor my mom and to be honored by my children, but after 15 long years of togetherness you want your husband to acknowledge your contributions to the family on the Mother’s Day. She shared that couple of years ago when her mother-in-law was in town on the mother’s day suddenly everyone in the family was so excited and her husband even got a beautiful birthstone pendant for his mom. So now on the mother’s day when everyone forgets to celebrate the day, she feels slighted, angry, disappointed and even jealous.


According to Christina Steinorth a licensed psychotherapist, when men don’t celebrate Mother’s Day with their wives who are also the mother of their children it subconsciously makes the women feel that she is not that important and she is just being an incubator’ for her husband’s kids. Even a divorce lawyer di Laurie Puhn says the same thing. He has authored the book “Fight Less, Love More: 5-Minute Conversations to Change Your Relationship without Blowing Up or Giving In” and he said that if a man ignores Mother’s Day it amounts to ignoring to appreciate what his wife does on a daily basis.


So, if you want that the trust, compassion, intimacy and respect to continue to be part of your marriage please ensure that you get her a gift appreciating all that she is doing as a mom. Visit the Mother’s Jewelry section of that has some of the best jewelry gift options for the moms. Also do it now so that you get the best deal.

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