Jewelry Gifts for Thanksgiving Day 2013

Gemstone jewelry is a timeless choice to make any moment an occasion. And when you have a grand occasion to celebrate, a gift of jewelry simply becomes even more conceptual. Bright colored stones set in elegant designs create some lovely masterpieces to mark an event.

The holiday season is already here and you must be gearing up for Thanksgiving Day. Delicious turkey treats, fun frolic feasts and family reunion are few good things about the harvest festival. This annual celebration offers a perfect time to thank the almighty for all his blessings. It also gives a chance to show the gratitude towards the loved ones who have always been around us in both good and bad times.


Gifting your family and friends some personalized presents is a nice way to make the day memorable. The gift could be anything from a bag of chocolates and cookies to tableware, special recipe books, decorative and accessories. Something special for everyone on your thanksgiving list! While they are generic options, choosing gemstone jewelry for your loved ones is a personalized way to greet and treat them on the special occasion.

Our assorted list of fine jewelry will help you in choosing a desired piece for your most special woman. And we also have some interesting sparkles for men and kids. Keep on reading to know the interesting ways to celebrate the day brilliantly.

Gifts for Her

Women and jewelry perfectly complement each other. Fine jewelry pieces are an essential part of every woman’s fashion. Women love their jewelry box brimming. They can’t get enough of those scintillating baubles. So even if you have previously presented your mom or wife with a precious gemstone ring or a pair of earrings, you can get more for them for a pleasant surprise. They will definitely love it.


Buying fine jewelry is often a costly affair but it is also a futuristic investment. And it is not necessary to get extravagant baubles, a simple pair of studs or a dainty pendant is equally admirable.

Here are tips to choose an economic gift for her.

Set your budget:

Gemstone jewelry comes in a wide range. You have to decide a budget before buying so that you won’t end up in spending more than you expected. Even if it’s a mere $150 or $200, just restrict yourself to it.


Check the options:

It is a Thanksgiving gift, so it doesn’t required to be diamonds always. You can settle with other stones like sapphires, emeralds, tanzanite or amethyst. Going with the birthstone of the receiver is another fantastic way to make it a more meaningful purchase. If you have previously presented jewelry to her, try not to repeat the same. Either get a match with the earlier piece or choose a new style and stone.

Find discounts:

Festive season is a good time to get good bargain on all things. Jewelry is no exception. Online stores especially offer good discounts and freebies during this time of year. Keep a track of authentic stores and purchase when you feel it’s perfect. For example, is offering 15% discount on all orders. You can choose any product and use code GIFT15 at checkout to avail the discount.

Some options:

We know how a gift of jewelry makes a difference. That’s the reason why we offer jewelry that covers a broad price range. The customization features at our store allows you to get a perfect gift within your budget limits. Petite pendants or studs in silver or gold, bold rings with lab created gemstones and birthstone jewelry with options to choose stone and metal are few splashing options to opt for gift giving. Unconventional options like black onyx and moissanite jewelry, enhanced black and blue diamond jewelry are also available to expand your selection.

That sounds interesting. Isn’t? As it is just few days left in Thanksgiving, you have to make it fast. Buy your present, wrap it and move to the next task – Turkey feast preparations.

And don’t forget to check our next article that where you will find jewelry options for men and kids.

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