Tanzanite December Birthstone

Did you miss the headliner gemstone, aka ‘gemstone of the Twentieth Century’?

Tanzanite was discovered as recently as 1960s, and hailed as that. In 2002, it was officially added to the birthstone list, along with old classics turquoise and zircon.

This is a gemstone that people clamor for, becoz of its rarity. It is said to be a thousand times rarer than diamonds; since it is found at only one place on Earth, Tanzania (Africa). Celebrities endorsing tanzanite is a common feature, probably becoz Tanzanite purchases are linked to social causes in Tanzania. Mining in Tanzania is regulated by the govt., and proceeds from Tanzanite Sales go towards building schools, hospitals and developing communities.

Tanzanite is a blue to blue violet gemstone, quite captivating for its beauty and clarity. Its rarity, as with all gemstones, makes the possession of a Tanzanite add romance to a piece of Jewelry. Tanzanite studs are the most affordable Tanzanite jewelry, but that is not to say that Tanzanite rings with diamonds or Tanzanite pendants, with or without diamonds are less popular. For those who can afford it, largest Tanzanite is the best option. For reasons, visit Tanzanite buying guide. Alternately, be inspired to create a unique Christmas Gift by visiting build your own section, choosing loose Tanzanite and being a designer with hundreds of mounts just a click away.

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