$6.9 Million Graff Ruby on Sale

Sotheby, the world famous auctioneer, will be auctioning off two beautiful colored gemstones in second week of November in Geneva. The fiery red Graff Ruby and Kashmir Sapphire will grab the attention of prospective buyers, collectors and people at ‘Magnificent Jewels and Noble Jewels’. The total assembled lot of 470 will bring an estimated $62 Million sale on November 12th.


According to Swiss Gemological Institute, the Burmese Ruby weighs 8.62 carats has strong clarity and brilliance. This ruby features a ‘pigeon blood’ deep saturated color in a cushion cut. On the other hand, the 27.54 carat blue sapphire originated in Kashmir has high purity and is estimated to generate bids between $3 Million to $6 Million. Both gorgeous gemstones come from the collection of Dimitri Mavromatis. Three other items from the collection bear the mark of JAR, a French designer. A pair of sapphire, ruby and diamond earrings is estimated to bring a sale approximated at $400,000 to $700,000.


Besides these two show stoppers, other important jewelry to be auctioned on the date are; a pearl necklace which once belonged ‘Josephine de Beauharnais’, Queen of Sweden and Norway, and a diamond pendant which was a gift from Queen Victoria to her granddaughter ‘Princess Victoria Melita’. The jewels to be auctioned include many white and colored diamonds, colored gemstones and art deco pieces from Cartier and Bulgari.

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