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White Gold or Yellow Gold? If you are unable to decide, don’t worry; you can have the best of both worlds. In fact, a mixture of two metal kinds is considered elegant and classy. Many women gratify their desire of donning both of their favorite metals, and this recent innovation is a fashion trend.

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Mainly, ‘two tone’ refers to a jewelry piece that involves two colored metals in its creation. It is a stunning and stylish integration of white gold and yellow gold, white gold and rose gold, and rose gold and yellow gold. These metals seem charming when paired together, adding glamour to most of your dresses. Where one tone gives a softer look, others let you flaunt your bold style. This durable color combination creates a delightful play of colors for times of the day (i.e. afternoon to evening and night). Moreover, wedding bands in dual metals are well-admired by most modern brides and grooms.

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Angara, the leading e-tailer in our jewelry world, offers a diverse and magnificent collection in two-tone jewelry. Certainly, fusing two metal colors in a single piece is a skillful art, and the designers create astonishing results. You’ll find an extensive blend of hues is well-balanced in all of Angara’s two-tone pieces.

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Heart-shaped jewelry is an excellent composition of two different metals. A flavor enhancer to two tone style is the addition of a vibrant gemstone in this heart. Like a dainty round ruby sparkler in between a two tone gold heart braces up its elegance and brilliance.

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Another way of accessorizing with two tone jewelry is by stacking one white gold and one yellow gold ring alternatively on your finger. Same can be executed using bangle bracelets and necklaces. Stacking and layering of different colored metal charms are much-loved trends of the year.

Stay ahead in fashion by incorporating not one, but two metal tones in a single jewelry piece. Check out exclusive two tone gold jewelry collections at Angara and enjoy season’s best Black Friday, Cyber Monday and holiday sales today.

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