Trending Now: Gorgeous Bypass Rings

When you think about the multitude of ring designs available today, the bypass style may probably not come to your mind instantly. But this ring style certainly is visually delightful.

As the name suggests, the band of the ring instead of forming a straight line simply ‘bypass’ one another. The overlapping ends, more specifically, pass in such a way that it creates a frame between them to showcase one or more gems. This distinctive style lends a unique and charming look to the ring.


Bypass rings were extremely popular during the 1830s, and they were often given to women for the engagement ceremony during the Victorian era. Because the sides of the band pass by one another, this ring was said to represent individuality and fluidity. Traditionally, however, the design was believed to symbolize the coming together of two souls.

The most famous example of a bypass ring would be the one that John F. Kennedy gave Jacqueline Bouvier when he proposed to her. It had a beautiful diamond and emerald as well as several tapered baguettes that accented the main stones.


As time passed by, bypass rings lost their popularity to newer styles. But they have now made a huge comeback as retro accessories and clothes have reappeared in the fashion industry. Bypass rings are currently a leading jewelry trend and also sought-after for engagements. Modern and sleek at the same time, they are versatile enough to complement both a casual outfit and a corporate power suit.

Bypass rings can be incorporated in your look in numerous ways. The appeal of a demure monochrome dress can be elevated with a beautiful diamond bypass ring. When embellished with colorful gemstones, they can be a bold style statement and the perfect accessory for an after-hours party. A pearl bypass ring, on the other hand, will be a beautiful choice for work.


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