Top Movies For Christmas 2010

As the repeal of don’t ask don’t tell had LBTGI cheering to see Obama keep his campaign promise, there’s a movie scheduled to be released at Christmas. Christmas eve is the scheduled date for release of Oy Vey! My Son Is Gay! Depicting the struggle of a Long island couple trying to come to terms with their sons’ sexual orientation; the story leads through misunderstandings and triumph of compassion. But all attempts on part of parents on both sides to keep it a secret are foiled when their son and his partner attempt to adopt a child, and make national headlines in the process.

Also scheduled for release on Christmas is The Illusionist, about a down on his luck illusionist who wins the admiration of a small town girl who thinks he’s a genius. The illusionist uses his talent to lavish her with gifts and continues until he’s got nothing more to offer.

The earliest reviews of Gulliver’s Travels, an adaptation of Jonathan Swift’s book admire Jack’ Black’s performance, but also speak of the lack of justice to the satire in the original; in terms of direction and screenwriting. All the same, it sounds better for the kids.

“Kids will be especially pleased by the 3-D vision of Black dressed like a giant baby doll, repelling an army with his bare belly and being vanquished by the world’s worst wedgie (yep, it’s that kind of movie).

The cast gamely tries to keep up, with the scene-stealing O’Dowd making the strongest impression. Still, it all feels so lazy and familiar that adults may find themselves hoping Black will start to challenge himself again — and the more swiftly the better.”

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