Top 15 Signs of Love

David Levithan once said “It’s one thing to fall in love. It’s another to feel someone else fall in love with you, and to feel a responsibility towards that love.

Most women will agree with this quote at least once in their lifetime. They’ll wonder and often contemplate if they’ve fallen in true love or not. It’s easier to tell if a guy likes you than it is to tell if he loves you. Love is one step further, but the question remaining is if he is a close (or even best) friend or something more.

Did you know that most men behave differently when around a girl they love? There are special behavioral signs which men display only when in love. These signs may occur sub-consciously, but the signs can tell you exactly how they feel, or if the feelings are mutual. Let’s discuss our top 15 in detail:

  1. Cheers you up
    If he desperately to make you laugh, teases you or makes funny faces, he does have strong feelings for you. He will cheer you up when you had a bad day. Double points if he is serious and silent with others, while witty and goofy around you.Cheer-up-your-girlfriend
  2. Understands you
    If he understands your mood swings and doesn’t blame you for them, he has officially fallen for you. Why would any guy be patient and caring enough to overlook your irrational behavior? There must be a spark of love within him to behave like so. Understand-your-partner
  3. Introduces you
    Best friends are very important for men. If he introduces you to his childhood and best friends, you surely reside in his heart. If he hasn’t done so already, it’s time to reconsider if he really loves you, or he considers you only as a friend, and nothing more. Introduce-her-to-your-family
  4. Compliments you
    If you find him often complimenting you, understand he is getting there. Moreover, if he takes your compliments seriously, and wears your favorite color or uses your favorite cologne, he definitely has you in his heart and mind.Compliment-her
  5. Feels jealous
    Did you know feeling jealous is not only a girl trait? Even guys do feel jealous. If you notice him feeling jealous when you talk and laugh with other male companions, you know he completely loves you. If he behaves normal and reactionless, then girls, it’s time to drop the idea of him considering you more than a friend. feel-jealous
  6. Takes time out
    If he manages to take out time even on his busiest day and texts, calls or sees you, you definitely mean the world to him. He would not take out special time for an ordinary girl, right? 86234806
  7. Talks about the future
    If he talks to you about his future and includes you, he certainly loves you. He has already started planning a life with you. With Lifepartner
  8. Treats you special
    A guy who loves you will definitely treat you extra special. He will make you feel special, and seem softer and different than when he is around women. treat-you-special-like-princess
  9. Spends time
    If you notice him trying to spend as much time as possible with you, then know for sure he enjoys being with you. We know the majority of men don’t like shopping for long hours, so if he takes you out shopping, then you’ll know there is something more. Spend-time-with-her
  10. Touches you
    This can be tricky and ambiguous. Most men touch the girl they love sub-consciously on her arms or hands. If he does that while talking or teasing, this is a great sign he loves you. This occurs out of fondness or as natural reactions. If he finds it comfortable sitting or standing next to you in his personal space, this is another sign he loves being close to you. Touch-a-Girl
  11. Trusts you
    If he shares his personal life with you, including about family, friends, painful and unhappy moments, this certainly means he trusts you more than others, which is a great sign of his feelings towards you. If he feels pain on just the thought of being far away from you, and you even see tears in his eyes, his heart is all yours! trust-on-her
  12. Likes what he sees
    If you find him staring at you often, or he steals a look while you are busy working, or if he maintains eye contact with you for moments at a time, this is a prominent sign of his love. He likes what he sees and may even fantasize kissing you! he-loves-you
  13. It’s all about you
    When a guy loves a girl, she becomes his priority. He won’t notice when a pretty girl walks by. Additionally, he will never talk about other girls, especially his ex-girlfriends to you, which are all signs you should love him. Special-attention-to-her
  14. Remembers specific details
    If he remembers each and every detail that you’ve shared with him, you are the one for him. When he gets you a birthday present you like, be sure that the guy is falling for you and you’re confidently close to his heart! Her Memorable day
  15. Valentine’s Day gifts
    How can we forget the day ‘made for love’? Since it’s just around the corner, you may receive flowers and/or chocolates as he drowns in your thoughts. If he surprises you with an engagement ring….there is no need for further words as this is self-explanatory! Gifts-for-Your-Valentine

Ladies, if he’s done at least 5 of the above mentioned behavioral traits, he certain likes you. However, if he does 10 or more, then he’s officially fallen for you! What’s more pleasing than equal or greater reciprocating love?

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