Things to Keep in Mind While Traveling with Jewelry

Vacation is something we all look forward to. A little time off from reality. The time to pack your bags and travel to a new destination. With traveling comes the stress of what to pack and how to save space yet ensure that everything is organized. You wouldn’t want to end up stressing about what’s kept where – It is break time after all.

Wondering if you should take along your favorite pieces of fine jewelry? Think no more as we have just the right tips to keep your jewelry organized while on the go:


Invest in a travel case

If you’re a frequent traveler, investing in a jewelry organizer is a good option. It will help you keep your jewelry in order and avoid scratching. Packing all your jewelry in one place also ensures easy and convenient access.

Choose your pieces wisely

Never travel with jewelry that holds extreme sentimental value to you. Also remember to choose your pieces according to the destination you are traveling to. Once you have decided what you’d like to take along, prepare an inventory with pictures. This will help you remember the exact pieces you have taken along with you.

Use straws or pill cases

Keep your chains tangle-free by inserting them into a plastic straw. It separates the chains and lets you store all of them together. Pill cases are great for storing your earrings. They are reasonably priced and let you keep each pair separately, and since the boxes are connected you have all your earrings in one place.

Carry jewelry with you

While traveling, always pack your jewelry in your carry-on bags. Avoid putting them in your luggage as – luggage can get lost. If you have your jewelry in your hand baggage your can rest assured that your jewelry is safe and by your side at all times.

Check your insurance policy

Before planning your big trip, it is important that you review your insurance policy and ensure that your coverage is adequate. Also check whether your policy covers theft, accidental loss or unexplained disappearance.

Remember, when it comes to traveling with fine jewelry, it is important to keep it light and organized.

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