The Proposal and Your Engagement Ring

I love you, 我爱你, je t’aime, and estoy enamorado de ti. No matter what language we say these famous words of love, the message remains the same. These meaningful words are magical and full of romance. The famous expression occurs when feelings in a relationship reaches a certain point.


Another expression of love, more symbolically important, is the Engagement Ring. More commonly known, the ring is placed on the “Ring Finger”. But why is called the “Ring Finger” and what is the special significance of the Ring Finger? There is only one finger on our hand, which directly connects to heart through a vein, and this is the Ring Finger. It is also called “Vena Amoris”, meaning, the vein of love! The discovery is not a recent phenomenon, but actually an ancient belief.


The proposal, when the Engagement Ring is revealed, dates back for centuries. But the love and thought placed in the proposal is becoming more and more innovative. For the proposer, the question always remains, with millions of rings to choose from, how do we know which one is right. Although each person has their own preferences and idea of the perfect ring, there is a well-known fact that having gemstone(s) within your ring speaks volumes of love, especially colored gemstones. The following rings presented are some of the most customer recommended and are proven to make your proposal extra special:


The above mentioned ring expresses that our hearts are always together forever. The ring will always express your love even without saying it out loud.


This attractive ring displays the beauty of the lustrous royal tanzanite heart. Pop the question with this ring and she’ll be saying “Yes” in her mind before you finish asking her.


The knot ring conveys the message that our hearts have tied the knot. This way, the special moment will become a memento of your everlasting love.

Asking the question with heart rings will bring a blissful feeling cherished for life. Ponder it over and make your proposal extra special this year!


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