Style Ideas to Wear Neon Jewelry

Nothing expresses fun better than neon jewelry. The bold geometric patterns with funky neon colors are a rage right now. So grab your pieces this season, as the high-voltage eye-popping neon colors are the hottest style statement in jewelry and in everything. This retro trend infuses cheerfulness to any look, brightening up any closet.

Shockingly bright tones of turquoise, fuchsia, yellow, orange and olive green are the stand-out neon shades. These neon tones also include pink, blue and purple.

 Colorfull Neon Jewelry

Here are some tips, suggestions and inspirational designs to incorporate into your new jewelry lines. We are sure you’ll be inspired after browsing through the trendy neon looks.

Ideally muted tones of clothing best complements neon pieces because here the jewelry is the featured attraction. The vivid colors stand out against the crisp whites, creamy pastels and bright primaries of summer clothing.

Neon Jewelry Created Chunky Designers Look

Neon Jewelry can be used singly or in various dramatic combinations to create a chunky designer look.
For an over-the-top look combine multiple shades together like in chains or bangles or fuse them in a single piece like in earrings or charms. Also find some bright and bold accessorizes like bib necklaces, chains, beaded pieces and more to complete your jewelry.

Multiple Shade Neon Jewelry

Another idea to incorporate the trend into designs is color blocking. Mix two or more of neon hues in a piece (Think of some Aztec patterns) or choose a bright shade with a softer hue for a stunning effect.

Mix Colored Neon Jewelry

Always avoid dressier clothing like sequins or laces, beading or glittery fabric as this may distract away the focus from neon jewelry. Instead basic style of clothing like jeans is the best to team with such jewelry.

You can grab a pair of neon shoes or a neon handbag to further accessorize your looks

Remember the brighter the better, because it’s the pop of neon that will sweep out everything this season.

Laces & Beaded Neon Jewelry

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