Emerald is an example of versatility quotient around the world. Unlike other gemstones this stone has a reputation of being unique in its popularity and value.

Emerald, a transparent-to translucent pleochroic gemstone has never been occurring into confusing cousins, like ruby and red-spinel. Such was the fascination of this stone that since the reign of the Egyptian queen Cleopatra, it has been a hot favorite amongst women and men alike. However, the reason behind its perennial demand is its rarity.

Emerald is seldom found without inclusions or flaws. In addition, if found then they pose to be ultimate treasured emeralds. For example, historical piece of emerald with Islamic writings has been found from Indian Territory. This resplendent stone exhibits the holy color of Islam, green. In addition, meticulously carved religious words make this emerald the most precious sacred gemstone in the whole world.

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