FREE SILK JEWELRY BAG on Each Purchase of $149 and Above

Angara is offering these awesome dupioni silk jewelry bags  with every purchase above $149. Check these imported dupioni silk jewelry bags.   A vibrant, shimmering golden orange, the entire bag is silk lined for extra protection of all your jewelry against abrasions. Worth $ 50,each bag comes with three mini pouches, imported dupioni silk again, and makes for ideal storage and travel convenience. The color makes it easy to find in your luggage. It is foolish to pass this offer. Click smarter.

Dupioni silk is this amazing shimmering silk that is created by weaving threads of two different colors into a weave that seems to change colors as the silk is moved around in different lights.

The advantages of this silk bag are many. Besides the visual appeal, it has a crisp and formal appearance. By virtue of the fabric, your gemstone jewelry or diamond and gemstone jewelry remains protected against fine dust particles.

Too good to miss! Offer available only on Cyber Monday!

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