Simple Tricks to Make Your Engagement Ring Look Bigger

How would you choose a mighty, large engagement ring, without burning a hole in your pocket? The answer is in the following key factors that will help you in your quest for the perfect ring. Combine two or more of these tricks and you’ll end up with the most impressive engagement ring. Here’s how you can play smart with the gems and the metal in which they are set in:


The Shape

Hooked on to the classic brilliant round cut? Well, you haven’t given a thought to the rest of the beautiful shapes yet. For example, the emerald cut is full of sophisticated and majestic allure. The fascinating step-cutting of the gemstone gives it a luminous tabletop and enormous depth. Shapes such as marquise and pear literally exemplify a feminine vibe. Their tapering ends make the gemstone look wider and your fingers slender and longer.

An alternative to the popular round cut is the oval cut. This elongated roundish cut is rare and breathtaking, and looks larger than a perfect round. The cushion is yet another cut that looks immensely sizeable and the ideal pick if you are not fascinated by the straight edges of an emerald or a square cut. In comparison to the traditional round cut, these fancy shapes will fetch you more at the same price or even less.

The Accents

Instead of splurging big bucks on a gigantic stone, how about downsizing the main stone and adding some accent stones to it? Surrounding a diamond or a gemstone with a halo is a typical and effective way of making it look bigger. A diamond halo around a diamond center stone enhances the overall brilliance of the ring, while it illuminates a colored gemstone with a scintillating contrast. Go for as many halos as you like – one, two or three, depending on your budget.

Another trick of creating an illusion of a large solitaire gemstone is the cluster style. Several small-sized gems are closely secured in a prong or a pave setting so that the metal barely shows through. Since smaller gemstones are far cheaper than the large ones, it’s a smart way to include them into a single design and get the same effect. Apart from the solitaire ring style, you can opt for a three stone ring as well. If you add sparkling side diamonds to a sapphire, ruby, garnet, diamond or any gemstone, your ring will be an exquisite symbol of the splendid past, present and future of your relationship.

The Setting

The setting too makes a huge difference if the stones should appear larger. Slimmer and fewer prongs will allow the colored gem or the diamond to show off its hue or brilliance to the maximum. Avoid flat prongs, six or eight prongs and bezel settings; though they look equally alluring on a ring. Opt for a claw or the classic three or four-prong setting and it will bring all the attention towards the beauty of the middle stone. If you pick a slim shank style, preferably a pinched shank, the petite look of the ring will again shift the focus to the gem.

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