Scandalous Celebrity Affairs

‘Everything is fair in love and war.’ We have heard this quote several times. Along the same lines, our post will definitely amaze and peak your curiosity. Our rich history is filled with powerful, enduring love stories from Prince Edward and Wallis Simpson to Napoleon and Josephine. Additionally, there are those, which began as steamy affairs in the shadows.


These hot scandalous celebrity affairs demand attention and furnish sizzling gossips. Let’s learn about the most scandalous affairs that have changed history forever.

Elizabeth Taylor & Richard Burton:


Most popular Hollywood celebrity duo, Elizabeth  and Richard, met while filming ‘Cleopatra . It is interesting to know that both were already married to others. They found magnetic attraction towards each other, and a fierce love affair resulted between them.

Consequence: The couple was married for ten years, and then got divorced in 1974. They got married again the following year, but soon got divorced again.

Charles Dickens & Nelly Ternan:


This may sound eccentric, but even literary giants are not exempt to a midlife crisis. The Victorian novelist was a literary legend and married with nine kids, when he started an adulterous affair with Ellen Nelly Ternan. She was just a year older than his 17-year-old daughter.

Consequence: His marriage with wife fell apart, but his affair with Nelly continued until his death (13 years). It is believed that his love inspired many of his later novel characters, including Estella in ‘Great Expectations’.

Catherine & Gregory Potemkin:


‘Catherine the Great’ first encountered Gregory as her commander, who helped her overthrow her husband, Czar Peter III in 1762. The empress discovered a counselor, military strategist, a boy toy, and possibly her soul mate in Gregory, who was ten years junior to her. Their steamy affair occurred in the kingdom’s basement sauna of The Winter Palace.

Consequence: They both gave rise to a powerful political alliance for decades. His role in court increased, but he had a long-term role in her bedroom.

Mary Godwin & Percy Bysshe Shelley:


In 1814, 16-year-old Mary met romantic poet Shelley (21). He was already married. They met in secret at the grave of Mary’s suffragette mother. The result of these secret meetings left ‘then’ aspiring writer pregnant.

Consequence: Shelley lost his pregnant wife as she learnt about the affair and drowned herself in Hyde Park. The lovebirds got married a few years after this incident, but their union didn’t last long. In the end, Shelley drowned himself a few years later.


If you think these are the only steamy affairs in history, then let us remind you of John Lennon and Yoko Ono, Johnny Cash and June Carter, and many more. How do you feel about these affairs? Do you believe these affairs were inappropriate, or they simply found their soul mate later in life? Share with us your views in the comment section below.


  • Reply August 4, 2015

    Monalisa Lobo

    I don’t know if these people were right or wrong, but I am always amused reading about these stuff.
    Elizabeth and Richard win the race, without any doubt!

    • Reply August 4, 2015

      Ankit Daga


      First off, great name! Second, you are not wrong in any way or form, these are natural feelings and reactions. It’s certainly incredible how these affairs came about, but also their end results. Some may even consider them to ‘Karma’, and some may say they certainly got what they deserved. Yes, the Elizabeth and Richard affair seemed to be the most most popular. Elizabeth herself, had seven husbands and eight marriages. Yikes! She seemed to be very liberal, but just like her movie roles, it seemed she liked much variety. We cannot say for sure, but it seems their original partner did not end up being their soul mates. Life certainly has it’s twists and turns, but it’s how we react and respond that make us great. Thanks again for your wonderful comment. 🙂

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