Ruby Jewelry – Extra 10%Off on July Birthstone

July is that time when the reds of passion come to the fore. As in your heart, is it so in your gift? Birthstone for July, ruby has been decreed the king of gemstones in Sanskrit.

A color that every heart associates with love, passion, vivaciousness and power; ruby is the stone where all of these come together. The color of a ruby is its greatest asset. Then, why do some rubies outdo the best diamonds at auctions? This has to do with the origin of a ruby. The source of a ruby is a determinant in the shade of red it carries. A Burmese ruby has for ages been called ‘pigeon’s blood red’. Unfortunately, these are very rare now. The more recent market dominators are Thai rubies, which have a shade that veers towards brown. The Vietnamese rubies tend more towards purple ruby deposits are also found in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Kashmir and India, but these have heavier inclusions, which makes them better as cabochons.

Remember, color is the most important factor in determining a ruby’s value. The finest ruby is described as a vivid medium-dark toned red. Secondary hues are an additional complication. Pink and purple are the normal secondary hues in ruby. Of these, purple is preferable because, the purple reinforces the red making it appear richer.

Labs created rubies are the best alternative for those with budget constraints. Browse through lab created marquise ruby rings, earrings and pendants. The more popular shapes are cushion and oval rubies, but at Angara we stock the entire range of natural and lab created rubies. Click on any image in the catalog to view our ‘good, better and best “options. The SAME piece is available at three prices to meet the requirements of every customer. Tags: Ruby jewelry July Birth Stone,Discount Ruby Jewelry Pendant Earrings Rings

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