Ruby Engagement Rings – The Popular and Passionate Choice

It’s a known fact that gemstone engagement rings are hot in demand. The social media mogul Mark Zuckerberg made it official by giving his wife a ruby engagement ring in May 2012. Frankly however, his selection of ruby for the proposal is not a popular choice in the US, but it’s another story in Asia. It was said that Mark self-designed this bling. The ruby in this ring was a simple good quality piece that was probably flanked with diamonds.

 Mark Zuckerberg Priscill Chan Ruby Ring

Some of you might have expected something extremely vibrant and dazzling from the Facebook CEO, but he came out different in choosing a ring to propose his love of almost nine years. According to the experts, the ring’s estimated price is about $25,000.

Frankly, as one of the richest person’s in the world, he could have selected something more extravagant, but it needs to be remembered here that it was very high in sentiments. Mark’s wife origin is Chinese – the ring is a perfect choice that respects her roots. Rubies are considered sacred in many parts of Asia. They are considered as good luck charms in Chinese culture.

Emerald Cut Ruby and Diamond Three Stone Ring in Platinum Pear Ruby and Diamond Three Stone Ring in Platinum The Toni Ring

In Asian countries, rubies are certainly very popular, but it is also a great favorite among the royalty, particularly as an engagement ring. It enjoys an impeccable reputation in many royal courts – British, Sweden, Denmark and others. The stone has been selected often to make the perfect proposal.

Highest Priced Ruby Ring on Per Carat Bases

It is also a favorite choice of jewelry lovers and gem collectors. In recent years, it has gained in popularity at auction sales too. A year back, a 6.29 carats ruby ring was sold for $1.3 million – it was marked as the highest price for a ruby based on per carat bases.

Here’s another achievement of the ruby. A 32.08 carat cushion-cut ‘Pigeon-red’ Burmese ruby and diamond ring fetched $6.7 million at Christie’s Geneva.

Lily Safra’s 32.08 carat Burmese Ruby and Diamond Ring Brings $6.6 Million For Charity

This clearly shows how non-diamond rings particularly ruby rings are becoming extremely popular.

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