Ruby: A Gem For Every Occasion

Ruby, with its immensely appealing hue, has allured people for centuries and is also believed to have many mystical powers. But that’s not it. An exceptional hardness of 9 on the Mohs scale makes the July birthstone highly resilient and perfect for various occasions in life…



When it comes to engagement rings, diamond has always been the more ‘traditional’ choice of center stone. But brides-to-be are now experimenting with more brightly colored gems, especially ruby. Besides the fact that its beauty is absolutely captivating, this gem’s vibrant red hue is symbolic of passion, love and courage. This makes a ruby engagement ring a great choice to seal the deal. What’s more, you can now easily find one in a variety of styles, including vintage, eternity, halo and infinity, among others.


If you’re a July baby or know someone who is, then ruby is your go-to gem! People born in this month are often considered temperamental, and it’s believed that wearing a ruby in a necklace, bracelet or ring helps calm the mind and ease intense emotions. Besides, this gemstone with its bold and fiery glow undeniably makes for an exceptionally stunning birthday gift.



Ruby is considered to be a stone of passion and desire; its association with love and marriage is therefore inevitable. Traditionally, it represents 15 and 40 years of marriage. And those who do reach these incredible milestones deserve to treat each other with some more love and of course, some ruby jewelry! We highly recommend a gorgeous pair of ruby drop earrings for the lady, as this style instantly infuses a sophisticated charm into almost any outfit. For men, a classy platinum band embedded with a ruby should do the trick.

Angara features an impressive assortment of ruby jewelry in splendid designs for you to choose from. Browse our site and you’re sure to find something that not just suits your style, but budget too.

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    Supriha Shah

    After looking such beautiful and attractive jewellery everyone must say one word… awesome. This ruby surely captivate everyone, it’s a dream of every girl to grab this beautiful jewellery on special event. Thanks for sharing –

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