Redefine Trend: Little Less Heel

Set of rules pertaining to fashion industry have been harsh in recent times, including high appearance standards. One significant phenomena associated with fashion league has been introduction of high heels to complete any attire. All these years, emphasis has been placed on physical features, including figure and height. For these reasons, among others, we find ‘little less heel’ a bit surprising as a redefined trend. Although, bringing these waves of change has permitted comfort to sneak into recent trends, which was previously ignored. Heels no more dominate the platform anymore and nullifying proven facts of fashion standards, flats and shoes with less heels are proven to be highly chic.

In order to rationalize this trend, let us present convincing heels to pump your party look:

Bronze lace-ups


These lace ups let you boost your appearance in a trendy unconventional manner.

Metallic panel bluchers

Metallic-panel-bluchersImage Source:

Featuring a flap with lace-up detail at the instep, this brilliant creation consists of metallic pieces on the toe cap and on the ends of the laces. These are certainly apt for putting forward your best professional look at any celebration.

Silver brogues


Don the ever classy silver brogues to perfect almost any outfit from your wardrobe. Subtle for being paired up with most attires make them absolute must-haves!

Sequin lace-ups


Rock your party look with these sequin lace ups. Sparkling their best, these shoes will let you steal the show without any notable endeavors.

Pointed metallic lace-ups

Pointed-metallic-lace-upsImage Source:

Whenever in doubt, wear metallic! The ultimate grace of these pointed metallic lace ups will let you embrace glories and appreciation flooding your way.

These stunning designs are enough to satiate our desires of being in pace with current trends and without much compromises. How about you? Have you tried any of these for your shoe collection?

Are they a yay or nay for you? Share with us, your views. We would love to know what is your take.

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