Quiz Time: Know Your Jewelry Style

Let’s admit, we’ve all been there – looked at some pretty jewelry and gone for it without any second thoughts. But before you know it you’ve hoarded endless pieces and worn only a few. Does this ring a bell?

Fret not, here’s a fun quiz that’ll help crack down your jewelry style and will save you from unnecessary spends and regrettable purchases.

Simply pick the answer that you can most relate with, and we’ll tell you what it adds up to.

1. As a person you are:

  1. Mostly black and white, with maybe hints of grey.
  2. Happy-go-lucky, more of an optimist.
  3. Mood swings come by pretty often.
  4. Outgoing and popular.

2. The perfect dream job for you will involve:

  1. Exploring the world
  2. Being part of a successful corporate empire
  3. Putting creative skills to test
  4. Heading luxury brands

3. Describe your sense of dressing:

  1. Classy and stylish
  2. Comfort wear that also looks nice at the same time
  3. Understated elegance
  4. Glamorous and eye-catching

4. On your day off you would love to:

  1. Hike, bike or any outdoor activity that’ll give an adrenaline rush
  2. Stay indoors, catch up on a good movie or read a book
  3. Indulge in pottery, work on a painting or maybe even poetry
  4. Eat, shop and indulge in the most happening places in town

5. A night of party is being planned, what’s your go-to outfit:

  1. A button-down shirt with well-fitting jeans/pants and stilettos.
  2. Cocktail dress that isn’t too revealing
  3. A flowy dress in pastel colors
  4. A sensual LBD with bold red lips

Mostly As: The ‘all or nothing’ woman

There are days when you want your jewelry to do all the talking. But sometimes you also prefer just the opposite – something simple, uncluttered and functional. For the latter, we suggest you go minimalistic with initial jewelry and can also pick some dainty pieces from our Color Crush collection. When you’re in the mood to be dramatic, pick a jewel that demands attention – think TanzaniteRuby or Diamonds. Even a single piece, such a contemporary ring or bracelet, should be enough to do the trick.

Mostly Bs: Ambitious, but also cheerful and homely

We think vintage-style jewelry is a great choice if comfort is a priority, but so are good looks. The comfort comes from the fact that whether you’re chilling at home or making a presentation at work, pieces with an old-world charm will never let you down. Pick a vintage-style ring or a pendant necklace, both will be a great choice to complement your personality.

Mostly Cs: A free spirit, who’s also a romantic

If you’re someone who exudes bohemian vibes, then do make sure to get your hands on nature-inspired jewelry. Pieces which showcase floral motifs, delicate scroll work, the unpretentiousness of butterflies, etc, have a romantic aura about them which will blend in perfectly with your personality. Less is always more in this case, so stick with just one piece (such as a pair of earrings) and then let your personality take over.

Mostly Ds: The forever diva

A go-getter and sometimes a trouble-maker too, you’re all about living it big and in style. Depending on which fashion event you’re headed to or where you plan to vacation at, choose a statement necklace or bold cocktail rings. Among jewels, the ones that will really make the cut include Tahitian and Golden South Sea pearls, Sapphires, Diamonds, along with Emeralds. While you can always take cues from your favorite celebrities, don’t hesitate to mix and match to create your own diva look.

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