Oval Ruby Ring

Here’s a best seller ruby ring on Angara. High quality oval ruby is accented with two diamonds, set in white gold, making this sparkling ruby ring exquisite. Rubies are where Nature endows a gemstone with the color of love, the color of passion. A ruby ring is that kind of ring which catches the eye no matter what. It speaks of the wearer, her tastes and preferences being elitist.


You needn’t turn away thinking of prohibitive costs of rubies. For one, Angara brings quality ruby rings at most competitive prices. And further, EasyPay option on Angara makes it further affordable for you by paying in three easy interest free installments. The ruby ring is delivered to you upon receipt of first payment.

No doubt, best rubies in the market do command prices that make jaws drop; but if you know some about rubies, and deal with a transparent jeweler, finding an affordable ruby ring is an easy sail. The factors that affect prices in Rubies and how Angara is able to offer rubies at such competitive prices are all clearly given in the About Rubies link of Education section on home page.

Rubies are said to bring about a positive and courageous state of mind in the wearer. They are said to enhance sexual activity.

Don’t miss the Gift card option available. If you want to gift this oval ruby ring, choose a gift card close to the price and then maybe she can fill in the remaining balance?


Pssst.. You could opt to pay for a $300 gift card in three installments of $100 each!

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