Old Mine Cut Diamonds

oldmineAlike the jewelry designs, cuts and shapes for diamonds and gemstones also traveled a course of time. Earlier the stones were worn uncut as they were regarded to be the source of extreme powers. It was thought that altering them in any way would decrease their power.

Later in 13th century, the idea of polishing a diamond to enhance its beauty came into existence. And until the 19th century, they were hand cut and polish. Therefore, antique diamonds are known for the fact that no two pieces could be exactly similar in shape, size or beauty. Each antique diamond is thus, unique in its own way.

Today, brilliant cut diamonds are known for their remarkable brilliance and fire. This style of cut has its roots in the 17th century and it became highly popular in the 18th and 19th century. Old mine cut was the vintage form of present day brilliant cut. It was so called because the rough diamonds came from the old mines of Golconda in India.

An old mine cut diamond has a cushion shape with slightly rounded corners. The crown was typically high with a small table, a round to rectangular griddle and large faceted cullet which can be viewed through the table.


The facets were similar to that of present day brilliant cut. It means the diamond was cut to maximize the brilliance, fire and reflection even under the dimmest light of that time.

Old mine cut shares an affinity with another popular cut of the 19th century: Old European Cut. Both cuts have high crowns, small tables, deep pavilions and large culets. The only difference was that old European cut diamonds have a heavier crown and smaller table as compare to the former one.


As antique style diamond rings are a classic choice, their craze is increasing with time. They are the trendiest choice for engagement rings. Many celebrity brides have chosen the vintage cut diamonds for their special ring. Natalie Portman and Ashley Simpson’s old mine cut diamond rings, and Katie Holmes, Anna Paquin and Miley Cyrus’ old European cut diamond rings are the gorgeous example of celebrity love for them.

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