Most Famous Pearl Jewelry 2

Women’s hidden desire for centuries, pearls symbolize purity, elegance and affluence. Formed in soft tissues of living mollusks, they have long been studded, incorporated and handcrafted into fine jewelry.


In honor of June, we are presenting most iconic pearl jewelry in history:

Abernathy Pearl


This world famous 44 grain, natural freshwater pearl is popular for its origin. This became the perfect pearl ever plucked from Tay River of Scotland. Finding a natural pearl of such outstanding quality is extremely rare, and for this reason, among others, is called ‘The Little Willie Pearl’.

Arco Valley Pearl


Another baroque pearl on our list is Arco Valley Pearl, which weighs 575 carats or 2301 grains. Impressively, this pearl is primarily white with mixture shades of pink and brown. Eventually, Arco Valley Pearl was given to Khubilai Khan, Emperor of China, by Marco Polo.

Imperial Hong Kong Pearl


Comparable to a robin’s egg, this became largest nacreous pearl ever discovered. Aesthetically, this well-known pearl is a silvery-white baroque pearl, known worldwide for exceptional luster and beauty.

Cowdray Pearls


Auctioned in 2002, a marvelous necklace made from perfectly matched and graduated natural lustrous grey pearls This unique single strand necklace is a beautiful example of nature’s wonderful craftsmanship. Its 38 natural grey pearls range from 11.4 to 6.8 mm in dimension size. Part of Viscountess Cowdry’s above the ordinary collection, these rare colored pearls are a testament of her discerning taste.

Pierre Cartier


This two strand pearl necklace has a significantly interesting story. Pierre Cartier, renowned French jeweler, purchased his new headquarters on Fifth Avenue in New York from Morton Plant for $100 cash and a 55 and 73 pearl strands necklace, which was assembled over a number of years. The necklace valued at $1Million, which was equal to ‘most expensive Rembrandts and similar works by Old Masters’.

Double Strand Pearl Necklace


One of most famous pearl jewelry, this double strand necklace from Cartier has unique detailing. Its two strands include 120 exceedingly rare quality pearls and comparatively larger size (6mm to 12 mm in diameter). Moreover, an exceptional color variation makes this necklace most intriguing. You can see lustrous pearls from white to light cream to pink with subtle rose and green overtones. A three-carat Cartier signed diamond clasp completes this $3.7 Million pearl necklace.

Triple Strand Natural Pearl Necklace


This outstanding three strand pearl necklace has 180 perfectly matched and graduated natural pearls that vary in size from 4.95 to 11.05 mm. A decorative cabochon emerald and diamond clasp completes the piece with a unique touch. Valued at$1.4 Million, this unique and beautiful necklace is one of the most desired pearl jewels worldwide.

If these famous pearls put a smile on your face, then our upcoming post on Most Famous Pearls will surely leave you in awe. Final part of our three-part series on Famous Pearl Jewelry will include most expensive, highly admired and historically natural pearl jewelry. We are honored by your presence, and look forward to seeing you again.

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