Most Exquisite Royal Jewelry

The alchemy of ‘Royal Jewelry’ has captivated and enticed generations through sparkling seduction. Their eternal charm and glistening attraction not only adorn Royal Ladies, but leave us speechless, while demanding more. Royal jewelry is forever famous for making a permanent mark in rich history.


Let us experience euphoria through powerful and exquisite royal jewelry:

Egyptian Necklace:


Crown Princess Margaret (Sweden) owns an incredibly beautiful necklace embellished in precious gemstones, including ruby, sapphire, diamond, and emerald. In fact, it is considered by many to be a priceless wedding gift from in-laws, King Gustaf V of Sweden and Queen Victoria of Baden. With open arms filled with joy and happiness, they gladly welcomed Princess Margaret as their son’s bride, Crown Prince Guataf Adolf. The elegant necklace was created and designed by Jeweler Koch of Frankfurt in 1905.

Spanish Tiara:


This gorgeous tiara is also known as Spanish Mellerio Shell Tiara because of its shape and design by Mellerio Jewelry themselves. The tiara’s original owner, Infanta Isabel, gave this masterpiece another name, ‘La Chata’ after her nickname. One unique aspect of her tiara is the pearls move in accordance with the one wearing. This marvelous tiara has seven pearls and several pear-shaped diamonds. In the center, we discovered its diamond drop is removable, nothing close in resemblance.

Moroccan Ruby-Diamond Set:


Lalla Salma, from Morocco, is the fortunate of this dream come true jewelry. She certainly possesses one of the most incredible worldwide jewelry collections of all-time. This Royal Princess unveiled her ruby demi-parure during her visit to France. Her necklace may not be grandest of her collection, but clearly is most noteworthy.

Star Tiara:


This exclusively exceptional tiara is commonly associated with Danish, Norwegian, and Swedish Royal Houses. Princess Benedikte has current ownership. Not surprisingly, this spectacular tiara design features diamond encrusted stars and pearl pendants, nesting in a forever brilliant, dazzling setting. Originally belonging to Sofia of Nassau was Queen Consort of King Oscar II (Norway and Sweden).

What are your thoughts about the ‘Royal Jewelry‘ collection discussed above? Did you have a feeling that we would include British Royal Jewelry, or was this completely unexpected to you? Although, the British Family Jewelry comes to mind first for many, we wanted to bring to your attention to famous royal jewelry in other parts of the world, not to be forgotten. Do you think there are other(s) that need to be added to our list? Which one(s) took your breath away and played the chords of your heart at first impression? We look forward to hearing your valuable and greatly appreciated thoughts.


  • Reply July 28, 2015

    Ashley Casper

    The Spanish Pearl Tiara looks interesting.

    • Reply July 28, 2015

      Ankit Daga

      Hello Ashley,

      Yes, the Spanish Pearl Tiara is certainly one of history’s most unique tiaras. We are not are not sure, what is more impressive, the way the pearls move in the same direction as the way her Royal Highness walked (or moved), or the fact that the diamond drop can be removable. It’s certainly a dream come true tiara, and we have not seen anything comparable since. It’s amazing how pearls, although traditional, continues to inspire even today. We greatly appreciate your comment.

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