Million Dollar Ruby Reward

Who stole Judy Garland’s sparkling Ruby shoes? That’s the million dollar question. Literally.


A conundrum unsolved for a decade now has resurfaced, making new headlines. A dazzling pair of ruby slippers worn by Late Judy Garland in her1939 movie, The Wizard of Oz, is still missing from Judy Garland’s Museum, located in her hometown Grand Rapids, Minnesota. Crafted in glittering red sequins, one of four pairs the actress donned in that 1939 classic was stolen in August 2005 with burglars never caught.


Interestingly, an anonymous and ardent fan of Garland and her movie has recently announced to offer $1 Million reward for recovery information against Judy’s missing shoes. This donor has asked for precise details like exact location and name of robber(s). John Kelsch, Executive Director of Judy Garland’s Museum, confirmed the benefactor is from Arizona and a huge ‘Garland and The Wizard of Oz’ enthusiast.


However, replica of Judy’s ruby heels are displayed at her gallery, but there have been no clues and/or signs of her originals (Size 5 or 6, ‘varying between B and D widths’). According to Kelsch, the outstandingly glitzy ruby platforms were worth $1 Million at the time of theft. He further mentioned in today’s market, they are now estimated at $2Million to $3 Million.


Designed by renowned MGM’s Chief Costume Designer, Adrian Greenberg, it’s revered to be one of his most remarkable works of that time. Originally, in L. Frank Baum’s Oz books (from which the movie has drawn inspiration), Dorothy’s magical shoes were silver, but screenwriter Noel Langley is attributed to change them to ruby red. Two other pairs exhibited in the film are known to exist, while one from their list of four was racked up in the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences in 2012.


If you, or anyone you know, may have any information, please contact the Grand Rapids Police Department at (218) 326-3464. Although, these ruby shoes are worth more to family, friends, and fans, there is a generous reward being offered for $1 Million if you can provide exact location and name of robber(s).Any information is greatly appreciated.

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