Love Naturally: A Beautiful Collection Inspired By Nature

Every once in a while, we all need to take a break from the routine and explore the intriguing nature that surrounds us. After all, it has been the source of inspiration for some of the most amazing creations the world has seen. From Vincent van Gogh’s The Starry Night to the Shinkansen (bullet train inspired from the kingfisher), nature’s contribution in simplifying and beautifying our life is undeniable.


What’s the Connection with Jewelry?


Wearing jewelry inspired by nature is a simplistic way of encapsulating an element that’s special to you or something that you find truly charming. With Angara’s collection, aptly named Love Naturally, you get to do exactly that! The artistically crafted pieces of jewelry you’ll find here don’t just radiate a part of nature that’s usually considered beautiful, but also those elements that often go unnoticed.

Take for instance an olive leaf vine. When this seemingly insignificant thing is transformed into a piece of jewelry and adorned with glittering gems, the result is truly astonishing. Our master crafters have taken many such elements and turned them into sparkling possessions you’ll cherish for a long time.

What’s in Store for You?


The rings are available in several popular styles, such as solitaire, three stone and vintage, which are perfect for special occasions such as an engagement. Contemporary rings from the fashion segment are vibrant and a great choice to complement both formal and casual outfits.

We also have a variety of delightful studs that are perfect for daily wear, whereas our drop earrings are great for making a style statement at an after-hours event. The necklaces featured here are apt for women who prefer understated elegance or someone who loves to showcase a feminine charm. You’ll also find many butterfly inspired patterns that radiate a playful and youthful appeal.

In terms of design, we have some exceptionally beautiful options for you. Each piece is either an elaborate or subtle reflection of nature. Either way, visually alluring jewelry is guaranteed.

What Kind of Gemstones are Used?


One of the major highlights of this collection, besides the craftsmanship and design, is the use of vibrant gems. From classic choices such as sapphire, emerald and ruby to modern-day favorites like morganite, tsavorite and coffee diamonds, we have them all and many more! The metal plays an important role in bringing out the vivacity of these gems and therefore we offer you glistening options in gold to choose from.

Make the Most of this Amazing Collection

From dew drops and dragonflies to flower petals and grapevines, we have so many interesting patterns for you. And don’t ever let style recommendations limit you from experimenting with your jewelry. Go ahead and wear a piece from this collection whenever and wherever you want. And don’t be surprised if it becomes a conversation starter!

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