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“Let us live for the beauty of our own reality,” well quoted by Charles Lamb, British writer and essayist. His quote especially applies for women. Most women desire to look beautiful and glamorous, but often resort to applying excessive amounts of makeup. Reasons may include low self-esteem, self-consciousness, or even society expectations. Along same lines, let’s discuss on ‘how to look beautiful without makeup’.


1. Feel Beautiful: The most important factor is to feel beautiful from inside. You should have a positive self-image of yourself, and be less concerned about what others think of your appearance. This will naturally radiate on your face. Take a look at how Beyoncé shared her makeup free selfie during her vacation from August 2015.


2. Eat Healthy: Following a balanced diet is extremely important. A healthy diet schedule can be your best friend for life. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables will furnish a natural glow to your face. Drinking at least eight glasses of water will let out all toxins from your body. Exercising regularly is another essential healthy habit to maintain a toned body and lifestyle. This picture of Lorde (August 13, 2015) shows us how important are these considerations.


3. Keep a Smile: ‘A smile is a curve that sets things straight’. Always keep a sweet smile on your face. Smiles not only increase your face value, but also refresh moods of onlookers. This is exactly how Demi Lovato shared her smile and makeup free picture. Her picture was taken after VMAs on August 31, 2015.


4. Trim Natural Eyebrows: Beautiful and natural shaped eyebrows are one of the best facial features. Don’t over pluck them, and let them enjoy and breathe their natural shape. In case, you have already over plucked them, try to grow them back by putting olive oil or coconut oil before sleeping. Look at this amazing picture of Kylie Jenner, which she showcased in her latest Snapchat story on July 23, 2015. Her makeup free face clearly shows her beautifully shaped eyebrows.


5. Focus on Lips and Hair: Keep your lips kissable! Further, keep them moist with lip gloss, transparent or natural color. Speaking of hair, keep them shiny. Keep their color close to natural as much as possible. This will enhance your makeup free looks. This picture of Sofia Vergara before her trip to Mexico on June 21, 2015 justifies what we just mentioned.


6. Natural Gemstone Jewelry: Natural colored gemstones and brilliant diamonds can accentuate your style statement, even when without make up. Here’s a picture of Cindy Crawford in Malibu on May 5, 2015. Look at her beautiful diamond studs, and how they complement her beautiful personality.


What are your thoughts after reading our tips above? What would you give to look beautiful makeup free? Do you have some more ideas? Share with us your thoughts in the comment section below. We look forward to hearing from you.

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