Kim Kardashian or Elizabeth Taylor – Who has superior jewels

Recently Elizabeth’s jewelry collection was up for auction at Christie’s NYC and Kim Kardashian was among the lucky buyers. She bought Liz’s three jade and diamond bangle bracelets for $65,000. It showed that she is very passionate about jewelry and even more passionate about Elizabeth Taylor’s legendary jewelry.

Though Kim’s collection is nowhere near the size and value of Liz’s, still it is by far quite unique and expensive. Let’s have a look at some of the similarities of both the divas:

Elegantly Emerald!

Though diamonds are forever yet emeralds have their distinct position in every celebrity vault. Whether it’s Angelina Jolie with her drop earrings in 2009 Academy Awards or Kyle Richards with her signature green jewels, emeralds add an insanely gorgeous appeal to everyone’s style. But before all of them it was the Cleopatra actress who rocked tinsel town with her green looks. She had an enviously beautiful collection of emerald jewels. Her necklace of sixteen rectangular and square-cut emeralds, each surrounded with diamonds was one of her favorites. She received this glamorous gift by her hubby Richard Burton.

Kim vs Elizabeth Emerald Necklace Pendant

Kim’s glitzy emerald necklace which she wore at the 2010 Angel Ball in New York City was the symbol of her admiration of her idol. Her necklace features interlocking loops of diamonds with emeralds suspended at every interval. It’s a bold style that she carried with élan but is that really like Liz’s emerald and diamond necklace?

Tiara for Princess

Tiara is made for a true princess especially for her special day. Kim was also wearing a diamond tiara on her wedding with Kris. Though she filed divorce with him still a tiara is a tiara especially when it costs more than half of the total wedding jewelry value. Quite amazing!

Kim vs Elizabeth Diamond Tiara

But Elizabeth never wanted a special occasion like wedding to wear a tiara. She was the princess of her husband’s heart and received a unique diamond tiara from Mike Todd which she wore on 1957 Academy Awards for the first time. She wrote about this, “When he [Mike Todd] gave me this tiara, he said, ‘You’re my queen, and I think you should have a tiara.’ I wore it for the first time when we went to the Academy Awards. It was the most perfect night, because Mike’s film Around the World in 80 Days won for Best Picture. It wasn’t fashionable to wear tiaras then, but I wore it anyway, because he was my king.”

An Engagement (Giant) Ring

An engagement ring for a queen of hearts can’t be a simply one. That’s why Kris Humphries bought a stunningly bold rock of 20.5 carat for his sweetheart Kim. The $2 million ring is Kim’s favorite, may be because it resembles like her idol’s engagement ring.

Kim vs Elizabeth Diamond Engagement Ring

But it is pale in front of Elizabeth’s $3.5 million 33.19 carats Krupp diamond ring. The gemstone was given to Elizabeth by Richard Burton and is one of the world’s few flawless gems. It was even a discussion topic between Kim and Liz during the interview. “The Krupp is an extraordinary stone,” Elizabeth told Kim. “It has such life and brilliance when light shines through it. Size does matter, but so does the size of the emotion behind it.”

Diamonds and Diamonds!

Kim vs Elizabeth Diamond Earrings

Every girl has fantasy for diamonds. And talking about Kim and Liz, both have plenty of them. Here we are talking about Elizabeth’s Diamond Chandeliers and Kim’s dangly drop earrings that she wore on her birthday. Kim’s diamond earrings were really stunning but they can’t compete with Elizabeth’s antique chandeliers which Mike gave her.

Actually Liz bought them for herself from Paris and that time they were made of glass. Only until her husband got his hands on them. She wrote, “I was getting ready for a party and went to put them on.” “I opened the box, and the earrings looked all polished up. I put them on. There was something different about how they fit. I said, ‘Mike, there’s something wrong with my earrings.’ He chuckled and said he’d had them made up with real diamonds!” Gosh these husbands, you can’t live with them and can’t live without them.

Undoubtedly Elizabeth Taylor has the most valued collection of jewels in Hollywood. What do you think?

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