Kate and William could celebrate the 1st anniversary quietly yet romantically!

Is it again a time to be prepared for an extravagant royal celebration (should we shop for a wedding vows renewal ceremony)? The most talked about royal couple of the year Princess William and Princess Catherine are going to celebrate their first wedding anniversary on April 29th so we could expect a grand carnival!

Kate Middleton in a red maple leaf hat for Canada day  Kate-Middleton

Since their marriage, Kate and William were the favorite of people and paparazzi. Their marriage was a famous affair and now that they have completed a year as husband and wife, a budding question is hammering our minds – how they will celebrate their first anniversary?


It was certainly a wonderful year and as this is a time for celebration, the couple has the whole sky. Yet being the crazy fans of the Duke and Duchess (no claps please), we would like to come up with some simple but quite romantic ideas which might add another sky to their limits. Shall we proceed? (Lights please)

A Romantic Picnic

Kate and William enjoying picnic

It’s a pretty sweet way to show your love. The Duke could plan a surprise picnic for the lady at one of their estates. How about Balmoral Castle? With its history and natural beauty, the emotional bonding with royal family would certainly make it the best recreational spot. And as the royals love to walk their pet Lupo, this ancient estate with its forestry and farmland would be a perfect option for a long silent walk.

A Broadway Show

Kate and William Broadway Show

On Wednesday, the couple went for a charity show and you would also know that they had met for the first time during one such show back in 2002. It is evident that they love doing charity and it’s a part of their lives. But let’s take a break for a day from charity, not the show – the Prince could book a Broadway show for his lady and it would certainly please her after a fine dinner.

A Quite Escape

William proposed Kate

William proposed Kate near a remote lake on the slopes of Mount Kenya and the couple has a special liking about such remote places. So how about an escape from the lights and eyes? They can either go back to the past with a trip to the same lake or could find something equally amazing and isolated. After a whole year being busy with other talks, they deserve a day for their whisperings.

A Beaming Bling

Gorgeous Kate in Wedding Dress
Yes, you can’t deny this fact – jewelry is the best pick for a lady! The love of royals for jewelry is world famous and this is the simplest way to make an important day a milestone. William has few historic heirlooms in the royal treasure and he could even get a new bauble for his wife that would enhance her already glowing looks. Jewelry is the best way to celebrate every important event and as guys find gift-selection a bit confusing, a piece of jewelry hidden in a black box is just perfect.

We’ve heard the rumors that the couple wants the anniversary celebration a low-key, private and quite affair so the suggestions we’ve come up are pretty good as they express the unique and timeless emotions and are far away from the limelight.

We have the ideas for the royal couple but that doesn’t mean you can’t try them. After all it’s all about feelings and expressions. So even if you have a special day in near future then plan it in either of the mentioned ways and if confused, go for a sparkling piece of jewelry – you’ll surely be the winner!

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