Legendary women and their love for June Birthstone, Pearls

There is no other word that describes these June birthstones, pearls better than the word ‘Classic’. Pearls and pearl jewelry have an inexplicable and timeless grandeur to them, something that no other gemstone can offer. And perhaps that is why celebrities who were often spotted flaunting this superb creation of nature were no less than legendary themselves.

1. Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II with Pearl Necklace

Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, like her mother Queen Elizabeth I was often seen wearing strands of pearls.

2. Coco Chanel

Coco Chanel with Pearl Jewelry

Famous French designer, and a fashion revolutionary as well as icon Coco Chanel was famous for accessorizing with pearls. She started trend of costume jewelry like never before. It is said that she would often mix stands of genuine pearls with those of fake pearls.

3. Princess Diana

Princess Diana with Pearl Necklace and Blue Sapphire

Princess Diana who was adored for the way she carried herself was very often seen wearing pearl choker. This choker with an oval sapphire at the center and seven strands of pearl was made out of a brooch that Queen Elizabeth II gifted on her wedding.

4. Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor with Pearl Necklace

Late Elizabeth Taylor was famous for her love for jewels as much as she was for her acting skills. Her jewelry collection was regarded as the one of the finest in the world. She even possessed “La Peregrina”, largest known pear shaped natural pearl.

5. Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama with Pearl Necklace

Our first lady, Michelle Obama is the new age icon who has made pearls again a fashion statement. Whether it is some social event or some public appearance, she swears by her pearls for the most classic look.

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