Jewelry Trends for the Millennial Woman

Today’s woman may not be as into Marilyn Monroe’s famous tune “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend” as their mothers were before them. With the millennial age range spanning roughly between 24-35 years, young women now have a lot more choices in jewelry than their mother’s generation. Owing to the skyrocketing cost of living, school loans, and the popularity of going on picturesque vacations, quite a few are opting out of an expensive and lavish wedding ceremony or even an opulent engagement ring. The millennial woman wants meaning over carat weight and style. She has a bold taste and loves color. Here are some of the popular jewelry trends among the women of today.



Colored gemstone engagement rings are especially gaining popularity among millennial women due to the fact that today’s woman is not just about traditions but individuality as well. The engagement ring to her is a chance to show off her creativity, uniqueness and style. Colored gemstones stand out quite nicely and the man does not really have to worry much about the size. The ring will have a beautiful story to tell all on its own and have much more sentimental value.


The millennial woman likes unique settings and pieces that can complement her personality. A woman who’s a fan of heavy metal music may like designs adorned with a black onyx. The Bohemian woman may like something that’s more artsy and eye-catching, and so on.


Customized jewelry is not just reserved for the rich and famous. Many are seeking out customized pieces and designs that highlight their personal style and creativity. They prefer jewelry pieces that reflect their relationships. Such designs are often embellished with gemstones that hold special meaning to the individuals starting their lives together.


The millennial woman likes to show off what she has. It is important for her to stand out from the rest of the crowd and make her own statement. Any artsy piece, cocktail ring or bracelet with colored gems and elaborate design elements seems to fascinate today’s woman.


A string of pearls isn’t reserved for grandma anymore. With today’s popularity of pearls, many are seeking rare pearls in different hues. From the exotic black cultured Tahitian pearl to the elegant golden South Sea cultured pearl, and classic Akoya cultured white pearl, there are definitely several interesting options to choose from.

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