Jewelry to go with Pantone’s Spring 2017 Colors

Spring brings with it a feeling of renewal and hope, and Pantone’s Top 10 Colors for Spring 2017 beautifully capture the liveliness of this season. They include bright and vivid hues as well as those that are earthy and soothing. While some shades evoke the warmth of sunny days, others speak to our desire to unwind. We totally recommend incorporating these refreshing hues in your spring wardrobe. And while you’re at it, we’ll tell you which gemstones will complement them and help you achieve that perfect color-blocked look.

Primrose Yellow


Marked by vitality and warmth, this pleasing yellow shade invites us to a state of cheerfulness and enthusiasm. This color is best paired with other vibrant hues such as pink. The perfect gems to go with this summery yellow shade are pink sapphire and tourmaline.

Pale Dogwood


A soft, subtle and peaceful shade of pink, Pale Dogwood induces an aura of purity and innocence. Enhance the healthy glow of this shade by matching it with sparkling diamonds or moissanites.



This neutral color for spring encompasses an earthy feeling. Inherently warm and crisp, Hazelnut will beautifully complement other neutrals. Accessorize outfits of this color with pristine white pearls for a truly sophisticated look.

Island Paradise


A cool blue shade, Island Paradise instantly brings images of a warm tropical vacation to your mind. Make a statement by pairing this color with royal or navy blue. The best gems to complement Island Paradise will be blue sapphire and tanzanite.



The Color of Year for 2017, Greenery interprets the charm of flourishing foliage. This tangy yellow-green shade highlights the need to reinvent, explore and experiment. Give your look an interesting twist by pairing outfits of this color with gems of contrasting colors such as amethyst, tanzanite and blue sapphire.



Flamboyant and fiery, this red-based orange shade infuses a touch of unrestrained vibrancy to the spring 2017 palette. With this shade, you can opt for an eye-catching orange-pink pairing. The alluring shades of pink tourmaline and sapphire will be just perfect.

Pink Yarrow


The bold and festive Pink Yarrow is both captivating and stimulating at the same time. Rather than choosing a gem of a bright color, match it with black onyx or black diamond and turn heads wherever you go.



Comfortable and soothing, Niagara has been predicted to be the most prevalent color for spring 2017.  This classic denim-like hue will look stunning when teamed with Tahitian pearls. Try it and know for yourself!



Similar to Greenery, this foliage-based color is evocative of the great outdoors and our need to connect with nature. Wear outfits of this color with opals for rather unique and eye-catching look.

Lapis Blue


Glowing in its inner radiance, Lapis Blue bespeaks strength and confidence. This intense blue shade will go well with a deep and vivid gem tone such as that of the emerald.

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