Jewelry Gifts for Thanksgiving Day 2013 – For Men & Kids

Jewelry is the best gift you can present a woman. But do you know it also pleases many men. Petite or chunky, men like to wear jewelry. Like women, jewelry isn’t an essential part of their lifestyle but occasionally a sparkling look is good to go.

Women like to wear lots of sparkle and fire while men want to keep it simple and powerful. A simple band or a metal bracelet or cufflinks, these are few options seen around for men. But they aren’t the ultimate jewelry gifts for any guy on your list. Whether you are shopping for your grandpa, dad, brother or husband, there are numerous options to think.

Jewelry Gifts for Men on this Thanksgiving Day

Gifts for Men

Celebrity Inspiration:

Not just the divas, many of the Hollywood hunks love to sport jewelry. Johnny Depp is one name that instantly strikes when think of men’s jewelry. It was rare to see him without chunks of necklaces, bracelets and rings. Similarly, rapper Kanye West and Jay-Z’s style is incomplete without a piece of jewelry. Mostly their jewels include bold cocktail rings, heavy chains and diamond studs.


While that’s too much to get, a simple pair of white topaz or black onyx studs or a cocktail ring studded with the birthstone of the receiver seems cool for a smart and refined look.

Personality matters:

Choose the bling that appropriately matches with the personality of the receiver. Tough guys like strong things. Namesake metal bracelets or rings could be a good option for them. Men often don’t like sparkles around them, so keeping it a bit rustic is better than presenting a glittering one.

Titanium and platinum are a preferred choice for men’s jewelry for both the metals are enduring enough to withstand the study lifestyle. They also have a masculine appeal and can be used in multiple ways – in matte finish, textured, patterned.

Bands are forever:

Gold, platinum or silver bands are a universal jewelry for men. Men generally wear bands to signify their marital status. But it has been seen that designer bands have been used by many as an adornment. Broad thumb rings with engraving or two-tone band look good and compliment any style from casual to formal.


Stone Age:

Gemstones aren’t only for girls; men are also choosing them to highlight their style. Cross pendants, charms, cufflinks, watches and tie pins set with dazzling yet subtle stones are a big hit amongst men. Choosing any of these as a festive gift is a surprising feast for them.

Gifts for Kids:

Not only adults but kids also love to be pampered with some sparkles. You might have bought a gift of jewelry for a new born but there is no reason why you shouldn’t get it for toddlers. Petite colored gemstone studs, charm pendants and bracelets are good gift options for the little wonders. Such a gift would last with them for a lifetime.


Now that you have enough options to please your loved ones, select the dazzles and make this Thanksgiving a memorable for lifetime.

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