How would you like your wedding rings to be carried?

Its summer wedding season and we are so excited about the soon-to-be changing status of many of the couples who have recently bought the wedding bands from us. Excited and happy, they are just busy assorting things. One of the customers asked me if we can suggest her some really inspiring and fun ideas to carry the ring as she was planning to have a ring bearer and a flower girl for the wedding. She was happy to pick one of the ideas, which was to include a vintage perfume bottle.

Summer wedding Seasons

So brides if you are also planning to include the little guy and girl for your wedding but don’t want him to carry the traditional white pillow, check out few of our suggestions for a more preppy and fun way to carry the rings down the aisle.


Before the ideas, few tips to follow. Make sure what you are picking is not too big or awkwardly shaped for the little guy to carry down the aisle. In addition, it is better to use ‘decoy’ rings for the pillow especially for an outdoor wedding as you never know if the rings untied accidentally and lost. You can ask the groomsman to replace the rings just before he has to present the rings to the groom and the bride. Make sure you include the boy in your wedding rehearsal so that he will be acquainted with the ambience and the procedure.

Exchange Wedding Rings for Groom and Bride

Ring bearer ideas:

Ring Boxes

Wooden or metal wedding ring box

Wooden or metal boxes could be used to carry the rings. You can add a personal touch by engraving your initials, wedding date or a message on them. Wooden boxes in different shapes are easy to find. You can even pick an old rustic box and paint it with your choice of color to custom design it. If you have any vintage box of your grandmother, it will definitely be a rocking accessory for a vintage or rustic wedding.

Handmade Bowls and Dishes

Handmade bowl and dishes

Ceramic bowls and dishes with personalized message are another lovely choice to carry the rings. You can also choose the pieces with motifs like love birds on them for a special effect.

Plush Toys

Plush Toys could be a cute wedding ring

This could be a cute ring bearer as well as a thank you gift for the little carrier boy. Get a teddy or any plush toy you like and tie the rings on its wrist or neck with a ribbon. Later present the toy the toddler.


Books to be wedding rings bear

Your aunt’s instruction book or your grandmother’s wholly bible, you can choose this ‘something old’ to bear the ring. Tie the rings with a lace ribbon. Another option is to choose your favorite book and get it custom hollowed-out to put the ring in it. Later, it can be a good wedding keepsake keeper.

Other Options:

Other Options alternative for a ring bearer

A nest with ferns, moss and leaves, a shell, a wood slice, a little briefcase, a baseball or anything that matches with your wedding theme could be a fun alternative for a ring bearer pillow.

You can choose these few alternatives for the wedding. Share what you have picked to carry your rings.

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