How to include old-new-borrowed-blue and a sixpence?

If you are getting married this summer, you need few special articles as a part of your wedding dress. Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue and a silver sixpence in your shoe. You got it right. This old English wedding tradition which began in the Victorian era is still considered as a good-luck token for brides. In ancient days, family and friends bring these old-new-borrowed-blue things for the bride. However, these days, brides themselves work to include the articles into their weddings.

Each of the articles has a special meaning and deep rooted symbolism.

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‘Something old’ symbolize the continuity of the bride’s past life and her connection with her family. You can choose anything from an antique, heirloom or sentimental thing. This piece could be from her childhood days or anything from her mother’s vault. Brides even choose wedding dress of their mother or grandmother for the ceremony.

Things to use wedding day

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‘Something new’ gives hope and optimism for the future. Definitely you will have lots of new things to include. A new lipstick, wedding sandals, new jewelry and handbag are few examples you can choose for the wedding day.

Something borrowed

‘Something borrowed’ refers to anything taken by a happily family as a symbol of their good fortune. It is expected that a borrowed thing may bring the same fortune and happiness to the bride’s life as that of the loaner. It could be anything from handkerchief to prayer book, timepiece or even a borrowed place for ceremony. Remember to return it after the wedding. It also reminds you that you can seek help of friends when needed.

Jewelry In Blue Color

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‘Something blue’ means adding anything blue into the dress. In biblical times, blue dresses were worn because the color was considered to represent fidelity and purity. The trend of wearing blue dress has evolved with time. It was taken over by blue bands worn at the bottom of the dress or blue garter. These days, brides even opt for blue gemstone wedding bands and jewelry to symbolize ‘something blue’.

Silver Sixpence

Finally, the ‘silver sixpence’ represents financial security and wealth. It’s a blessing for a bride to remain financial strong and secure. Anything valuable like silver coin, mint coin, jewelry or an heirloom piece could be used for this purpose.

By choosing pieces of significance to you for old-new-borrowed-blue and a sixpence, you can flawlessly include this English tradition of prosperity and good luck to your special day.

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