How to Buy Quality Sapphires

Buying a sapphire should be a task of delight and not a hassle. Therefore, for your convenience, listed here are a few things to be inspected while buying this gorgeous gemstone:

  • Find out if the stone you are buying is a naturally produced sapphire or was created in a laboratory. It is also essential to know if your gem has been heat treated since heat treatment enhances the color and clarity of the stone. Although it is a permanent treatment and does not much affect the value, you may end up in paying more for a piece thinking it a naturally brilliant gem.
  • A blue sapphire is not always a true blue colored crystal, it may have different hues and undertones of other colors such as green or violet. Carefully examine the color under different lights and determine its shade.
  • The tone or the darkness of a blue sapphire is a crucial factor in determining the stone’s worth. An ideal tone for a sapphire is medium or medium to dark. The stone should not be extremely dark in shade neither should the color be so pale that it resembles other lighter colored stones.
  • The saturation and intensity of color in a sapphire impart the brilliance and make the crystal look vibrant and vivid. A stone may sometimes have a dull grayish look, which should be strictly avoided.
  • Higher clarity of a sapphire is responsible for the flawless and clear look observed in a diamond. The inclusions in a crystal are mostly hidden from the naked eye but visible clearly under magnification. The higher the inclusion level, the lower is the radiance of the stone.
  • The cut of a sapphire is another vital factor which contributes tremendously to its excellence. The symmetry and proportions, the width and height of the stone, and the dimensions, all need to be inspected thoroughly before making a decision. A finely cut sapphire sparkles and thrives in any viewing angle.

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