Gemstones that Speak About Spring

Finally spring is here! The most awaited time of year when nature wears a rainbow of flowers and the sun shines intensely and warmly. Springtime brings fragrance of blossoms and brightness of emotions. Love floats in the air and hearts feel the warmth of sentiments. The bold and bright colors show the intensity of the season.


With everything in spring fever how could fashion be left aside? The season of colors also allure the fashion runways. From dresses to jewelry, everything is shaded with spring hues.


So if you don’t want to miss the feel of spring and like to add the charming hues of the season to your wardrobe then a splash of colored gemstone jewelry is for you.

Fine jewelry is perfect to complete every style. From professional looks to a chic fashionista who loves partying on the beach, gemstone jewelry goes great with every style. The specialty of colorful gems is that they effortlessly bring grace and style to the persona and justify the look according to occasion.


Though all the colored gemstones including diamonds, sapphires, rubies and emeralds add the brightness to the spring fashion yet the following gemstones have closer affinity with the season of efflorescence.


Aquamarine with the clarity of sea water tops our list of spring gems. As the birthstone of March, it has always been a favorite stone for spring jewelry. Aquamarine which means ‘Water of Sea’ is a hexagonal, transparent, relatively flawless and durable stone from beryl family.

The natural blue to blue-green to sea-green stone is known for stress healing and protecting powers. Tradition of gifting aquamarine jewelry is very old. Aquamarine jewelry brings the calm and soothing feel of spring. As a symbol of faithfulness, friendship, everlasting youth and happiness, aquamarine rings, earrings and pendants are best to gift in springtime. The stone is pretty affordable and delivers a bright luster so is a good option for a March proposal.

Aquamarine-and-Diamond-Vintage-Pendant Aquamarine-and-Diamond-Split-Shank-Ring Aquamarine-Solitaire-Stud-Earrings

If you love the clear serene skies and bright blue seas, then aquamarine jewelry is your pick for the springtime!


The bright and warm sun will always be with you when you have citrine jewelry in your collection. This stone of quartz family is famous for its golden honey hues. The stone is also called success stone or Merchant’s stone as it is said to promote prosperity and abundance.

Citrine drives its name from Latin word ‘Citron’ means ‘lemon’. But its hues range from citrus to dark ember hue. Citrine jewelry signifies hope, health and happiness, therefore makes a charming spring surprise for the loved one. Also the designer citrine jewelry matches with every style so is a popular choice of a ‘fashion forward’ you!

Citrine-and-Diamond-Border-Pendant Citrine-Dangle-Earrings Citrine-Twist-Ring

If the golden sun and sweet honey are your most liked spring sight, then fine jewelry studded with citrine is your marked style of the season.


The most diverse hue of nature is green. And what other than Peridot could signify it. This one of the oldest gems was considered the stone of spring by ancients. The Greeks called it ‘evening emerald’ as the stone becomes darker green at night. Peridot was a sacred stone and has been said to bring wisdom and enlightenment. It symbolizes purity, simplicity, love, truth and loyalty.

The gem has the ability to shine in the shadows and is found in many hues ranging from bright lime-green to green yellow and olive to brownish hues. Wearing peridot jewelry especially pendants is said to ward off negative energy. The pleasing green stone elegantly speaks about spring fashion and helps in boasting the blossoming style. From rings and earrings to pendants and necklaces, a wide variety of peridot jewelry is there in the market for adding stylish charm to one’s looks.

Peridot-and-Diamond-Crossover-Ring Solitaire-Peridot-Studs Oval-Peridot-and-Round-Diamond-V-Bale-Pendant

Adding pretty peridot jewelry is all you need to do to get the feel of open fields and meadows.

By selecting either of these gemstones for your jewelry you can show your elite and sensual spring look in a much thoughtful manner! What to wait for now?

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